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How do Taurs work internally?


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So it makes sense that the heart, liver and lungs are located in the upright chest portion but what about the rest of the organs? I'm guessing that the stomach would be located in the taur part as well as the large and small intestine and the reproductive organs. But then what fills in the space where those organs would g in the non-taur half since you could probably still put the intestine and stomach in the typical places within the non-taur half. And what about kidneys? Taurs don't make sense to me.


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The empty space might be filled with candy. But on a serious note, someone with a viable theory should really respond to this cus I ain't got none :I


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Maybe this? It makes sense to me.


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@TheKC Man, that's nice! I was just gonna mention Bernard Doove's site since it discusses it a bit, but this is even better! That took some serious work, whoever made it. @_@