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How do you beat the summer heat with no air conditioner?


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Having a sickness like i do, helps a lot. I feel cold, and wearing 2 pullovers in 35 °C. So yea... I will not survive the next Winter...


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Fill a sink with ice and plunge your arms in it up to the elbows. Stay like that for at least thirty seconds. Buy a water resistant hat, fill it with ice cold water, slap it on your head (if you don’t mind getting your hair/clothing wet, it was ideal for me when I worked landscaping)


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Well, I've got a neurological issue that makes me really heat intolerant, so I usually require AC in the summer. I can handle up to 85 F, but after that I start feeling pretty badly. That said, I've developed some techniques that help if AC isn't available or I'm out on the town.

- Always have a cold drink or something icy so you can cool yourself from the inside out. Works tremendously well.
- Definitely stay out of direct sunlight. If you're inside, close the blinds to keep the sunlight from heating up the house. Open a window in a shady area if there's some air movement outside.
- Take a cool shower, keep your hair wet, especially if you have a fan, it helps a lot.
- If you're really desperate, ice packs can be a pal.. Or just open the freezer door and lean on it for a bit, lol.


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boy... i surrendered already. nothing works...

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Ceiling fans.

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Go north.


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Become a welder. Then these temperatures will seem like childs play.

Just joking I am oddly tolerable of heat. Make sure you are replenishing what you lose when you sweat. my father has an aversion to ac because of the cost (man makes 6 fucking figures.) So I've grown custom to having to suck it up and just deal with a hot humid room and fucking dealing with migraine headaches. It sucks but you can do it.


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I have a large fan next to my chair and it does the job nicely. I also open up all the windows at night and place the fan in one of them to circulate cool air through the house. It can be inconvenient, but I hate winter so bad that I can't be too harsh on summer! I'd take the heat over cold, snow and misery any day.


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I feel your pain OP, though not as hot by here I'm sick of the heat already.

I use a desk fan on a shelf pointed down at an angle toward my bed, aimed up the bed from the foot(ish) end, then I mop myself down with a wet flannel or soak myself before laying their for a while to cool off.

Also I use some cheap ice packs wrapped in thin material (old ripped up bed sheets mostly to avoid skin damage) on my wrists/ankles and the main artery in my neck to cool the blood as it goes through the system. It sounds crazy but it seems to help. I was watching a nature show where kangaroos licked their forearms so the breeze would cool their blood as it moved around their body and stole the idea ;)

If it gets too much I go to a big super store that sells frozen goods. Even if they aren't air conditioned the frozen goods area is wonderful....I'm tempted to see if I can sneak into one to the freezers as making a suit out of bags of frozen peas might give me away.


Days like that I usually just sit in my car with the windows up and the AC off in the middle of an abandoned parking lot with no shade.


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Wood bead seat covers! Those things are a godsend in the summer in a car without AC... I once drove across the Nevada desert in the middle of the summer in a 1975 AMC Pacer... I've never experienced anything more miserable heat wise in the my life. It was karma paying me back for all the bugs I used to burn with a magnifying glass. Makes wearing a fursuit not seem to bad actually.

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It's been stupid hot in the Bay Area for the last few weeks. The other day, I went into a portable classroom and it felt more like going into an oven. The display on the thermostat was flashing '99', couldn't go higher. The asphalt outside the classroom, in the shade was 119F according to my Fluke infrared temperature probe. Confirmed it to within 2 degrees F with my contact probe for my Fluke multimeter. In the shade. I just slowly melted that day. Drank 6 bottles of Sports-Ade stuff, sweating it out faster than my kidneys could process it.

Finally went back to the shop and sat under the AC for about three hours. Called the day early, went home to the standard no AC. Can't have one because the circuits won't carry the compressor. The t-stat at home was flashing '99'. fml.

At least my home in Indiana has window-mount AC units. But I digress.

The best way to be cool is go to the basement if possible. Barring that, keep the house closed up if your curtains block the heat out. If you have vertial blinds like me, gotta get some air circulation going early, before the house gets hot inside. We reverse the air flow to get the cooler air coming in - living room to kitchen in the morning, kitchen to living room in the evening. If you can't have a window mounted AC (wall shaker), get an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler). If you're a suiter and you own Heat Gear that you wear under your suit, put it on and use a spray bottle to wet it down. And one of those cheap cooling towels from Harbor Freight actually work rather well.

BTW, it's only 87F in my place right now. Tolerable at the moment.


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I just tried the towels in the freezer trick. It was amazing. I've never felt so good sleeping.

I read this and put my pillow cases and bed sheets in the freezer....best sensation ever jumping into bed on a hot day! (Towels are ready as backup lol)