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How do you deal with art block?


I have my ways of dealing with art block like just doing a few real-life sketches or drawing a personification of art block as a monster. I do have to say that I am curious about y'all! How do you deal with art block?
Do you take the time to just relax or study the fundamentals of art? Are you like me in likes of you try to draw past the artblock to sketch or do little doodles? Please tell me what you do to combat or use art block to your advantage?


Late Healer Ferret
I usually take a short break, then try something new. One of my favorite things to do is to do some studies on things I'm not good at. Usually works out pretty well.


I think chaos is a good starting point, sometimes randomness and having no plan is liberating for your art. I use an app called Al.Chemy from time to time if I just wanna play around. I don't think even having a tablet is necessary, it should work well with a mouse as well.

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