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How do you guys deal with stress? (Not necro'd)

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Video games.

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The best solution for the long term is to identify the stresses and cut any of those that can be cut, however this isn't always possible.
If I'm stressed and able to deal with it, generally I know I'm stressed and I just trudge along anyway. I find that having social activities (purely social or through volunteering) is a great help because it removes you from some of the stress and places you in an atmosphere where you can forget about things for a bit (hopefully). Unfortunately these can also be the causes of stress from time to time which is why I mentioned the importance of identifying sources of stress.

For me, rejoining the fire service had/has been a large source of stress. Having been through many departments due to location changes, I'm rather fed up with the cycle of filling out the paperwork, go through the exams, go through initial training, prove yourself to the company, leave a year later. I think what really helped out with this most recent round was to talk to my parents and let them know I'm having this stress. They convinced me to try and go through rejoining anyway, and just talking about it was helpful (though they were a huge source of stress (and still are) when I was living with them). The company I am now with, while being one of the most experienced group I've been with, is also quite social and relaxed. I think what really helped me in getting through this period is recognizing that the stress will end and that positives will come from it. Regardless of your financial situation, a free meal weekly and $200 of tax credits is still a help.

Above all, change the way you think about stress.
That's significantly easier said than done, but it's something everyone should work towards.
Anti-anxiety medicine and therapy = gave me a whole new perspective on stressors. I found the "glasses" I need to see the world how most other people see it.

Nowadays I focus on my health (eat right, go to checkups often, etc), and I make sure I'm maintaining long-term goals that go above and beyond the reach of everyday stress. My apartment's flooded four times this summer, and I've given relatively few fucks about it. I found a place to move to, and I'm moving in a month. :D


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Let this thread live again.


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Depends on how stressed I am. Usually one xanax will work, but sometimes I need three xanax and a shot of alcohol to relax.


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HM. Lately it's been QI, and closing myself up in my room with my Kindle and some old stories I wrote... I used to write a LOT, but I don't do that as much now. Shame really. Music when I can, after I got a sinus infection at the beginning of the year, I have been dealing with some auditory hyperacuity, and about half the time I can't stand any sound at all. For a movie-and-music lover, this is sad.

Also candles and incense in a dim room.


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Smoking out from my bong. I usually smoke when I'm feeling so stressed that the smallest thing makes me snap. It's usually after I come home from a stressful shift! :p


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Lots of things, depending.

Reading, hot baths and showers, hiking, going to see live music, sex, wine, eating well, writing.

Sometimes, I'll get acupuncture. And if all else fails, there's always Valium.


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Sometimes masturbating myself into a coma works out.

But then the police get called...

And I have to clean someones mailbox...


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