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How do you guys make friends in the fandom

I recently unlawfully attended my first furcon (I hung out in the lobby and took photos with suiters). Ever since then, I've been dying to have more furry friends. I joined the local furry Telegram group chat for my area and I've been trying to be as active as possible in there but I either feel like I'm saying stuff that's wrong or weird. On the other hard, I either can't relate to or have no idea what people are talking about.

I've tried to start a few private conversations with a few people (Not using the "hi" but actually trying to start a conversation) but the conversations either fizzle fast or they aren't very active on Telegram.

I'm planning to go to the furmeet in my area happening next month but I'm worried my social anxiety will kick in and I won't talk to anyone.

Apart form that, I don't really know where else to go.
Any suggestions?


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Honestly? Just fucking about doing my own things. If I like someone and somehow get contact with them? It would be good to stay friends.


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I think it's good you're going to furmeets. Honestly, I've made a bunch of good friends from those. There wasn't one in my area so I started one about a year ago. Took a while to get going - no one came to the first attempted meet lol. But then another fur reached out and offered to help spread the word, and since then we've had a nice little group and done a bunch of fun things.

I get the anxiety - I still get anxious before meets. Remember that no one in this fandom, or this world for that matter, has it all figured out. We're all just people with our own flaws and weaknesses, doing the best we can. There's no "right way" to be, talk, act, etc. As cliche as it sounds, just be yourself and enjoy other people's company. Don't feel like you have to talk a lot either. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy others' conversation.

I've also made some good friends at cons. I may not see them or talk to them very often, but I still count them as friends. Some of the most fun interactions I've had are the ones that just happen spontaneously - you start chatting with someone you happen to be next to in reg line, or at a panel or something. Or talking to vendors in the artists alley or dealer's den.


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The best way to make friends is to do stuff together. If you like MMORPGs, maybe duo one with someone? That is to say, pick one that is new to both of you and the other person, and start playing it together, partnering up all or most of the time you're playing. I still fondly remember all of the people I have duo-d with in the past, even if I've lost contact with them since.

Of course, you need to meet someone to play with first, and find a game you both like. But if you manage that, the friendship often builds pretty quickly after that. Or it has for me, at least, in the past!

And duo-ing is nice because it works even if you are an introvert (yes, I am too) and are uncomfortable in groups: all you have to do is find another introvert who feels the same, and together commit to staying paired up without joining guilds or larger groups or such. Then you can just roll around with them in a nice tight duo bubble, which is pretty great :)
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My friends in the fandom came through online interaction in roleplay groups.
Not the one-time "hey, want to RP" things with strangers, but a dedicated group that played together in a created world, with detailed lore and story arcs that took place over weeks, months, even years.
We all chatted OOCly in addition to the RP and became friends.


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=u=/ Asking people about their interests (and their original characters).

People love to geek out about their original characters~. I happen to like character development stuff, so it works out.


If by friends you mean something beyond the occasional talk where you can maybe even talk about deeper topics and even hang out sometimes, that can be a bit trickier than just being friendly and social with everyone. It takes some luck and shared interests, plus personalities need to overall mesh. Any friends I've found have been pretty random, not me really pushing for them nor them for me. We just sorta exist, then talk to each other about our common interests, then magic happens and ok I guess friends now? It's a rare occurrence mind you, but my personality isn't built for "hey everyone let's be friendsies, k?!" I prefer a smaller closer group of peeps.


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Just be nice and respectful of others.


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I kinda just do my own thing. If I or someone ends up dm'ing/talking to me I usually respond. People that've talked to me have become year long friends. Your hobbies, games you play, personality, and people you gravitate to also are factors, at least in my experience. But then again I'm a big introvert so what do I know about social interaction lmao. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just be yourself and people will tend to have a natural gravitation towards you.

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Since you're asking 'how to befriend' Furries, guess you're seeking some answers to be veiwed better as 'Furry perspective'? (I doubt if there's one but let's make a term for it for a while)

But thanks to what Lyrule said, and according to my experiences, the key is simple: Be yourself!

Surely there are various personalities across Furry individuals, and this might make it harder for you to interact with all Furries at a time. But you know what? No matter how you are, there's always a portion of population that gets along with you nicely! (Unless you violate something or be too offensive, etc)

As an example, I'm not a celebrity type of kitty so I don't try to visit everyone's private chat. (Nor does my brain allowes me to accomplish such a work) Instead, when I find someone interesting and worth working my brain, I just bash their p.chats and go say hello!
Well, at this point, since I've got a reason that I came for, there won't be any problem with working the quotes and such. I just say what I gotta say and be polite to show that I'm interested and willing to get to know them. And by being polite and respectful, unless they're too busy at the moment or something special, why wouldn't they want to spend a bit of spare time having a conversation?
What's more, when I find anything in common, we can have fun dealing with these! And since I have kept being myself, there's nothing to fake and worry about. It'll only make me more confident to interacting with them, and also likely to make myself more attractive if they are to be a great type of Furry to get along with me! If not, it's better let them go and do their own thing before I become a jerk who keeps dragging on someone who is not interested in me.

So, as I have been doing like this, now I have several Furiends along playing some videogames, exchanging arts and having daily cute chats. UwU

You can do it too! Just don't ever worry and keep being yourself!
Or, if you aren't yet confident being yourself, maybe doing as I did hopefully would help. Visit me if you need any help, I'll be there as much as I can help!