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How do you keep it together?


I bake. It's something I did with my grandma when she was alive and it feels like home using her recipes and tasting her creations.
Oatmeal raisin cookies fresh out the oven with some black tea and a little bit of lemon on the back porch watching the sun go down. Mmm.


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I have a few things I do, though my trouble is actually pulling through. I have a bad habit of ruminating, and often I don't recognize when I'm stressed even though it's happened a million times.

When I catch myself, though, anything creative. I write, draw, play an instrument... Or, meditative practices. Deep breaths, listening to the environment, observing emotions and thoughts, etc.


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Tuning into my favorite music and focusing on it does loads for my stress. It feels like a drug.

Busy work also helps me get through a rough day. The more I move around and exert myself, the more calm I am afterwards.


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I sit on my back patio and enjoy the strangely rainy day that's happening in June.


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Genuinely, lately I've been partaking in marijuana as a way to relax.
Marijuana + going on a picnic at a park + Final Fantasy XIII = happy me (this is a day I had lol)

Going out for a walk or calling a friend can also help. I've found talking to friends does wonders for me when I'm in a rough state.


Video games are a great form of escapism. It sucks though, i often feel guilty while playing because I know there are better things I could be doing because they'll actually lead to self improvement
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Xanax and alcohol.

I never feel stressed except when I'm in the middle of something I can't get away from. Tight deadline when the client is being a shit and making changes that should push back the deadline by days but your boss says give it to them in hours? Take a shot.

It's why God made flasks.


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I usually either go for very long walks, or just lie down and rest, depending on my level of physical energy. Sometimes I listen to music in the process, depending on whether I feel like it.

Generally, I just let my mind process the stress. Eventually it will be done, and then I can either take steps to combat the source of stress, or move on.
Distancing myself from others and taking hours out of the day to draw, read, or play games is enough for me. Simply just getting lost in your own little world (or the world of another source); blissfully ignorant things like that.

I wish I had a pretty scenery to look at, though.
Quite a wonderful way to calm yourself from all the other stressful things happening around ya.


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Quite a wonderful way to calm yourself from all the other stressful things happening around ya.

I mean, I refuse to let surrounding issues weigh me down and stop me from doing what I enjoy. And frankly, I feel like some people forget how important it is to find solice in solitude but...this is coming from an introvert.

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I am usually very good at managing my stress. I either go for a drive or work on one of my many hobbies.

Lockdown has changed that, and to be honest, I have been struggling with stress for the last 3 months

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Just by reminding myself that failure to hold it together is shameful.


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This is a pretty rough one, as I often have a hard time keeping myself entirely composed when I start feeling bad. Some things that do help me are listening to enjoyable music and just talking to people I care about! Company usually makes me feel a lot better, and when that's not an option I like to distract myself with physical activity or cooking.