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How do you Make a Feral an Anthro?


Noble ze Arctic Wolf
from what i've seen, ferals and anthros seem to have different kinds of markings and such. I've been thinking about drawing Noble (my current avatar and 'sona) as an anthro. my avatar is the only drawing of him i've made, and i need help figuring out how to make his anthro version look.
Any advice, help, etc?


Husky-fox (basic af)
Idk if it will help but here is an artwork of my fursona as feral and anthro you can use as reference

Made by Noxll


I lost my sock
Yup! You'll just need to adjust some pattern shapes for the anthro version and figure out body build, facial structure, and their clothing/accessories as well, but it shouldn't be too difficult.


You can call me Oni~
Um.. wasn't aware that was some kind of 'rule' of sorts. My Fursona keeps her basic markings in both forms. Only thing that changes is body structure and the addition to hair on her Anthro form. Personally I believe if they have both forms, the markings wouldn't change o_O Maybe stretched a bit, but still similar.