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How do you make your coffee/tea?


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How do you usually make your coffee or tea? Personally, I don't put anything in my tea, except for sometimes I'll put a little stevia or honey. For coffee, cream and some sugar.


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I don't drink coffee (it kind of grosses me out after making it so much at work for breakfast), but I've taken up tea lately in my attempt to be healthier and not drink soda. (It's boring.) I just go with a little stevia packet for my tea, and try to pick interesting flavors of tea to make up for it.


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Lots of cream and sugar, although I'm trying to cut the sugar down. I will never go to stevia or a sugar substitute. I mean, I have to have some standards.


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Coffee: I tend to like unflavored, 'small batch' African coffee, from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya...so I buy whole beans, grind them, brew them in a drip-maker to a medium strength, and add just a bit of milk/cream, and sometimes a bit of sugar, depending. If the acidity is low enough, and it has a smooth finish, then I can skip the sugar. There's this place nearby that sells a brand called, 'Counterculture', which I've become very fond of.

Tea: Iced green tea from tea bags, some fresh ginger, a bit of lemon, and maybe some honey...then, chilled and over ice.

Ginseng Tea: From the roots, slowly simmered, strained, just plain.


I really like loose leaf tea. Whenever I drink tea, its often a chai with soy milk in it.

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I used to be a Barista at a local coffee shop so I've become a stickler about everything,even Starbucks.
It's terrible.


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I like Bailey's creamer. they have bourbon vanilla poundcake... murr. They also have a creme brulee now I want to try.Very very occasionally I'll go to the Bux. Like. Every few months or so.


I don't drink coffee, it gives me wicked stomach aches, but if I'm drinking tea, I like it iced, with a little sugar and a lot of lemon. If I'm drinking green tea, I need other flavors such as peppermint in there to distract from the flavor of green tea, which tastes like lawn clippings to me.

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Coffee: Starschmuck's Light Roast, Veranda or Willow. Fresh ground by me in a burr mill, six scoops in my infamous Mr. Coffee 12 cup maker. This is medium-strong. Enjoyed black, since I'm ex-military. By the way, light roast has more caffeine in it. Heat burns out the caffeine, making dark roast the lowest octane.

Tea: Irish Breakfast tea, in a large cup, eight oz. of water, steeped five minutes. One tablespoon of sugar only.

There ya go. And the shift key on my keyboard is going out. So there.
I love my tea time put the kettle on get out the cookies and my tea set and im ready for anything cozy in my chair mainly playstation

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Coffee black, and strong.
Tea with milk, unless it's herbal.

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I really only drink tea, and as far as tea goes I order it online from foreign countries so I really don't need anything extra.


Tea: boil it and put tea in.

Coffee: Use an espresso machine.

If you put milk in either, you will one day be rounded up, lined up against the wall along with people who like pineapple on pizza, and shot.

Okay, maybe milk is acceptable for coffee sometimes, but I'm a vindictive person with a burning hatred of those who dissent against my opinions.


Hmm. I don't really think that I can drink coffee because of some reasons.. But I love some sorts of tea ^_^ The black tea is pretty good, but I like the red and the green tea the most. The black tea is good with one sugar cube, but I don't mind to add it to the green tea sometimes. And the red tea... well, It's just needs to be very mild. If it's strong, I can add some sugar cube sometimes. And.. The most important thing is... I guess I like it to be cold. Oh. And I always add some spearmint if I have it ^0^

And yeah.. I used to drink some kind of latte coffee with banana syrup inside.. And it was pretty awesome *0*


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Depends on what im drinking. Coffee can run anywhere from black to a frappucino (though my usual is black with a little salt). Teas i tend to like straight up unless i'm sick, then i prefer skim milk and a little sugar.