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How do you make your tea?


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Just curious! I do Orange Pekoe with a shitton of Honey and Sugar that drowns out the tea flavor itself in sweetness, which is frankly probably an insult to the very idea of tea.


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Gunpowder green loose tea. Put 5ml (one teaspoon for us barbarians) tea in a stainless steel tea ball & close it. Boil 16-20oz water depending on the size of your mug (sadly I live in a barbaric country that doesn’t sell 500ml mugs). Pour. Brew 10 minutes (I like strong tea!) Sweeten (or not) to taste.

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I'm lazy. I just use this like the pleb I am
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I love different mixes of white and green tea, my favourite one is with cornflower petals and aloe vera. Green tea and mint mix is great too, I also enjoy pu-erh with grapefruit, and matcha... Ahh so many great teas in the world


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For cold, i like it black and weak/bland, unsweetened.
For hot, i add milk and a teeeeeeeny bit of sugar or honey if i have it. Green is my favorite but i'll drink just about any flavor except for licorice.

i also actually drink my daily medication in the form of tea also but that stuff tastes like dirt so i make it strong and little as possible so i can down it quickly. i soak it in lemon so it isn't completely awful but the lemon's not for taste.


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Boil it, add preferably a Forest Fruit lipton teabag and then 2 sugarcubes. ezpz


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I currently like to drink Chamomile tea because I have a sensitive stomach.

I drink it a lot at work, but we have a water machine that will spit out piping hot water, so I pour that in a cup, put the tea bag in the cup, and then pour honey in it. I let it set for a bit, then drink.


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I drink typically Wegman's, Lipton, or Red Rose Tea, whatever's on sale. As for how, I put the bag in the mug, pour hot water over it, and add sugar sometimes honey. Then I add milk.


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I love and hoard Dragon Fruit Devotion. It's all mine! *Hisses*