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How do you meet someone?

I like this thread, it could be helpful for me too.
I absolutely love to socialize, with nice people of course.
Ever since I graduated high school my severe depression has been stronger than ever, I hate being isolated in my room all day. Not being able to socialize like I use to back in High School is really driving me nuts. I've tried getting a job so many times with no luck. I also tried volunteering at a Adult School, so I can socialize with my friends who didn't graduate and work at the same time. But I got rejected, it was really disappointing because my mom paid more than $60 for a TB test so I can volunteer. I'm currently trying to join a community service program called Victor Community Services and I also want to join a Day Program. Unfortunately, you probably can't join these services if you're not mentally disabled. But you can try college or this website called Meet Up, I wanted to try Meet Up but my mom won't let me. I haven't given up on volunteering, I'm now trying to volunteer at my High School where I graduated. And this winter I'm gunna try going to college.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize this was for finding girlfriend/boyfriend. I thought it was to find new friends and socialize. Oh well, my answer still might help.
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I think the ways I've met partners have been rather varied:

Guy 1 - friend of a friend, had liked me for a while and I took a chance (we are still friends now actually).
Guy 2 - we worked together one day in my part-time job, and things went from there. We became friends and he rebounded when his 18-month relationship ended.
Guy 3 - through the Kung Fu club at uni, we spent bonfire night together and got along incredibly well.
Guy 4 - through a house share plan that fell through at uni. We initially bonded over our mutual like of Blue Banana.
Guy 5 - a friend of a band member at uni. He liked me all along but seemed pretty full-on at first, but I realised he meant well and was generally harmless, so have him a go.
Guy 6 - went on a dating site and contacted the hottest guy on there.

As for KEEPING relationships, I can't advise you there until I find an answer myself =P


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Thanks for the adivce everyone, yeah i forgot to say i have tried clubs, but there's fuck all around here, my main interests/hobbies are animals and gaming, i still havent found anything to do with animals around here but there has been a couple of gaming meet ups here. But they have been extremely infrequent, first it was monthly, then bi-monthly, then no more, well there's a new one in Novemeber, and i have gone to every single one i could. There's been a couple of girls there although all of them were already with someone.

You never read Harbinger threads?!


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I dont have a big enough social circle to meet more people through friends to meet someone that way, online dating sites were hopeless, and i dont see how you're supposed to meet someone from across the bar when essentially they're entirely random. To those lucky bastards out there how'd your girlfriend/boyfriend/tri-gendered pyro foxfriend?

Did you have to go to specific places to find the kinda people you like?

Just curious, its late and im insanely bored so sue me :V
I just talk to people ans they end up wanting to know me more. Made friends with random people at bus stops that lead to relationships, sometimes cashiers, random chicks at comic shops, cosplayers, cast members in plays I was in, or old friends of friends, or friends of lovers. *shrug* Honestly I have a hard time not being in a romance.


I just talk to people ans they end up wanting to know me more. Made friends with random people at bus stops that lead to relationships, sometimes cashiers, random chicks at comic shops, cosplayers, cast members in plays I was in, or old friends of friends, or friends of lovers. *shrug* Honestly I have a hard time not being in a romance.
Nope, all lies! :V
The true reason is simply your beard and hair, no one can get past it. :p


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I met my current two girlfriends off craigslist.org (i know i know shut it). I don't usually use craigslist but I felt adventurous. Normally I just use the best pick up line ever and wing it from there. Its "Hi, my name is Lomb." or "Hi" (or any variation of "hi") It bypasses every defense and wall ever! You can say that to the most defensive woman and you'll feel her walls crumbing down like the Berlin Wall. Overdramatization but still, its simple and normal that most people use when introducing themselves anyway.

Put up an ad like "Young male looking for older woman female companionship" and girlfriend #1 answered because she was bored and divorced. Pure luck happened and we've fallen for each other.

Then my girlfriend #2 was from craigslist too. Women are lonely and want companionship just like men. Anyway my girlfriend put up an ad about looking for another female for a polygamous couple. A week or two later got my 2nd girlfriend and we are mostly happy.

Just keep looking and don't be against any method that could bring the result you desire. The end justifies the means or however that saying goes. If you find someone(s) youre happy with, whocares how you met. As long youre happy together. Hell you could flip a porn star into a housewife and the only folks who would look down at you for dating a porn star are jealous folks or very judgmental people.
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I literally just made a furry thread in Battlelog and it turned out my now boyfriend was a perv talking (and doing other stuff) with half the furries on the site, but he took a liking to me and settled down, giving up those ways. I guess just put yourself out there and someone just might notice you, or you can try and take an interest in someone else and slowly build a relationship like that.


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People seldom have time for dating and making friends any more. That's a shame really. Even friendly smiles are not recognized due to the pressures of modern life.


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Hm...how to meet people. This can be a toughie.

Here's my story: I met my partner through happenstance. I was with a friend at our local Tapioca Express (A Boba Drink shop for those that don't know) and while I was enjoying my delectable drink and food a random person came up behind me and pulled the hair tail I had at the time. He pulled it quite hard and cause my neck to jerk pretty forcefully. I was angry but he was apologetic for it. We talked and exchanged numbers and just went on from there.

When just out to meet people I usually just try and let the charisma speak for me. I'll keep to myself and let the opportunity to meet someone present itself. Like getting a drink and striking up a conversation. I treat it like one of those video games where social interaction is important to advance and the outcome doesn't matter whether it's a positive or negative interaction. It's all experience.

But if you don't trust happenstance and serendipity to bring people to you you could always try meetups and local events! Try using the meetup app and find groups of like minded individuals and try the scene a bit. It's a good experience at least and you never what kinds of people you'll meet! Good or bad, just take it with a grain of salt. Even going out alone on a date with yourself! You may be the envy of some being able to sit there enjoying your own company while licking the dessert off of your plate. Maybe you'll get some attention from that and their attention may grow into affection.

There are always opportunity just waiting to show their face.


Finding your partner often happens when you least expect it. Like when your friend introduces you to his housemate.


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Relationships happen when you least expect it.
Like games, or meeting people through games and such.


I haven't talked to another soul beside my family in 3 years no joke. So if anyone has an answer to this question I will do anything XD I do online schooling for last 3 years and have extreme Anti-social personality disorder lol. So pretty much any chance of me getting friends is out of the window. that considering most people also accuse me of being crazy because I actually really am a pyro, I got diagnosed with pyromania few weeks ago >.< One of the main reasons I joined the fandom was beacuse I said I was going to meet new friends. I have a really bad rep with people in my neighborhood in my past and since im only 16 I cant find a new place to restart. But FAF is the 1st place in 3 years iv actually talked to people and made a few friends. As for romantic relationships im at the point of loneness I almost get mad when I see couples (okay okay im not that crazy) but sorry I dont got advice for that ;_;
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Ooo. Spasibo.

Did you have to go to specific places to find the kinda people you like?

Yes, I met her on a neo-nazi survival camp. Tho I must admit, mentally I'm barely enough white for her, as I was only a guest there :(

On more serious note, in my case
I. Internet game
II. Friend of a friend
III. University
IV. Job

Really, no random bar/party/street encounters.