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How do you sleep?


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I thought I'd ask my fellow forumgoers on their sleep.

How do you sleep?
Where do you sleep?
How long do you sleep?
What is you sleep quality like?
Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?

I sleep on a single bed, without legs. Practically makes it into a mattress,really. I really like it. It's closer to the floor, and cooler down there. I can't stand the heat. Spoiler for a pic.

I'm currently using nasal spray and nosebands in order to sleep better. My weight's not something I am proud of(though steadily going down), and it's causing issues with my sleep quality. I've considered using a sleep machine that applies a little bit of pressure down your nose, but I don't like having anything on my face as I sleep. I change sleeping patterns often.

I absolutely love rain. Especially when I am about to sleep. Rain is so relaxing, so.. Soothing. And I sleep a lot better when it rains.


I sleep well unless I have nightmares (which happens rarely). I got 3 different places to sleep including the floor where I sleep most of the time like OP does, can't stand the heat. Sleep quality is pretty good cause I really like sleeping in general, although work doesn't make this easier, I try to enjoy it as much as I can.

I don't snort nor require anything to help me sleep but I always have a square couch pillow next to me to raise the height of the bed pillow when I'm reading or using my phone in bed, pretty useful I'd say. The only thing that stands in my way are mosquitoes (Summer mostly) and high temperatures.


My sleep is pretty decent I suppose.
I've got a generic single bed and lots and lots of pillows :D
My sleep pattern is non existend and varies between 5-10 hours
I change sleeping positions A LOT and I love rain aswell :) Sometimes I listen to rain recordings on headphones just before I go to sleep.
I wouldnt sleep with headphones on though.


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Having just changed by bed, I sleep on a rustic wooden bed with a reasonably elevated mattress. Considering the heat here is unbearable, I sleep without sheets. And this brings me to my other point, because its so fucking hot in here, I can't fall asleep, so I end up pissing away most of the day. I make sure the windows are all open. To make it easier, I place a cold, wet towel on my face. I sleep on my back, and I don't change my positions at all.


i have a queen sized bed i plurged on sheets last year cause belive it or not i was still using the same bedding i was using since i was 15 so it was all too small and discolored and nasty

i have two dooners in one cover two memory foam pillows and all my sheets are 1200 threads

Army is different when i'm in the field i have this thick ass yoga matt (people say its too big but getting a good nights sleep is important) and a duck down sleeping bag i put inside a multicam bivvy bag with a camping pillow

i may get a new bivvy bag though cause i always wake up with the sleeping bag soaked on the outside suggesting its not breathable


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Been sleeping on quite a few different beds in recent months. But when I go to sleep, I sleep the sleep of the dead. Slept through entire storms and conversations apparently.

I normally sleep for 7-8 hours though I have done six and even five hours and have been able to get through the day with no issue.

And I'm the opposite to most in regards to temperature, warm rooms and heat tends to encourage me to fall asleep, even when I'm working, annoyingly. Cold tends to keep me awake for longer even though I like the cold.

The only time I ever struggle with sleep is when I'm that ill I can feel bile coming up my throat when I'm lying down. That is when I can't sleep at all.


I usually sleep well, usually for about 8-10 hours, but I usually wake up with soreness.... :(

Sergei Sóhomo

How do you sleep?
Propped up at a 45 degree angle with 12 pillows

Where do you sleep?
A bed

How long do you sleep?
8 - 10 hours

What is you sleep quality like?
Fairly decent

Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
Hell yes

Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
Low music generally

Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
Aside from music it's being comfortably warm

Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
Being too hot or cold


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Most nights I go to bed drunk because my natural time clock wants to stay up as late as possible and then stay up for 20+ hours after sleeping. Hoping my internal clock is forced back into a decent cycle before fall classes.

Most of the time where I sleep is in this decent sized crawlspace under some stairs, kinda like Harry Potter. Don't worry about me though, it's entirely by choice. I'm pretty small, and I've got it surrounded by darkening curtains so it's pitch black at all times, meaning i can get a decent sleep no matter how bright it is. Sometimes I sleep on my couch but not often. My room is huge so if I wanted a real bed I could get one but nahh. I wouldn't use that crawlspace for anything else, and my closet is sufficiently big for the stuff I put in it. It's a cozy little crawlspace and I like it a lot.


How do you sleep? On my side with my limbs sprawled out and my eyes closed
Where do you sleep? On the same bed I've had since I was like 13. It's a double with a black iron frame that extends up into a canopy. I have some decent gray sheets from target and a memory foam mattress on top of a boxspring.
How long do you sleep? As long as I'm able. Average is about 9 hours. Longest was 14.
What is you sleep quality like? Decent enough. Usually filled with really weird dreams
Do you change sleeping position(s) often? Semi often I guess
Are there things you do that makes you sleep better? Spooning, burritoing into the covers
Are there things you like that makes you sleep better? Darkness, having the bed to myself
Are there things you don't like that makesyou sleep worse? Lights. I live in a city so I've gotten used to it, but it sure doesn't help. My boyfriend elbowing me in the face. My neck getting cold.


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i haven't seen a specialist but i'd guess that i probably sleep too much. i don't always get the standard 6-8 hours every day/night but rather i nap on and off throughout, getting 3-5 hours here and there, staying awake for 3-5 and starting the cycle all over. My internal clock has been utterly hosed since i had my accident last year and stopped working in October so there's been very little structure to life since then. Life has been pretty stressful despite not having a work schedule or obligations aside from the occasional hospital visit or surgery. i need to be reminded of the date, specifically the month, regularly because time has passed by so sporadically. if not because of my lack of structure, then probably due to my random sleep-whenever schedule. Depression, anxiety, pain and meds now dictate when i sleep...which is "too often","not long enough" or "way too long".

My record for sleep is 20+ hours. No joke.

Yes, i do sleep on a "normal" bed. it's a full size, double plush, hip-high fluff-fest perfect for floppin' onto. Unfortunately i'm tall so my footies hang over the end unless i'm curled up under the sheets. When i'm alone, which is often thanks to my wild and wacky schedule, i stretch diagonally from corner-to-corner but that's still not long enough. i also have more pillows than i know what to do with because, again, i'm often napping alone so there's nobody to share them with. Most of them end up on the floor because i toss and turn, flip and roll, sleep walk, sleep talk, sleep wrestle and sleep thrash; also related to stress and anxiety... This, unfortunately, happens whether i'm sharing the bed or not. if i have someone/something to hold, i can keep still but if i'm under stress or in pain, i roll in place like a rotisserie chicken all night. i've woken up on the floor and the couch a number of times, awoke with vague memories of pacing around the apartment and ranting about random shit and once even sleep-showered and woke up still drenched, soapy and naked in my bed. Not fun.

i dream a LOT but they're often confusing and terrifying nightmares.

One of our neighbors works the early morning shift and rides a Harley, so every monday-friday morning at 3:45 sharp, there's a loud-ass "BROOOOOOM-BAP-BAP-BAP-BAP!!!" that startles and wakes me EVERY time, so i'm often happy to be already awake at that hour. When i'm asleep, most sounds don't wake me but white noise and speech can still fuck with me. i still hear them but they register in my mind in relation to my dreams. My fan sounds to me like office phones constantly ringing, cars in the parking lot register as passing traffic or robot sounds, kids playing and screaming outside are heard as cries of terror, passing skateboards along the sidewalk register as all kinds of strange things. i wake up drenched in sweat all the time, whether hot or cold outside. Even though i'm technically awake, my dreams/nightmares still affect me in the morning for a good 5-10 minutes after getting out of bed. i remember them, write them down and often continue dreaming even as i shower or get dressed.

in short: my sleep habits are sporadic and a tad fucked-up. i find both comfort (at the start) and terror (near the end) in it.

Casey Fluffbat

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How do you sleep?

On my side.

Where do you sleep?

In a bed.

How long do you sleep?

6 - 7 hours during the week, 10 hours over the weekend.

What is you sleep quality like?

I don't get woken up too often, but Monday night can be pretty poor.

Do you change sleeping position(s) often?

Aside from flipping my side position, no.

Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?

Drink water.

Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?

Nice air flow.

Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?

Any form of light. Can't stand even the thought of a light illuminating my room while I sleep.


I sleep a lot-usually 9-10 hours, but I can get by with 4 if I need to because...I sleep a lot most nights. I like it cold and dark, with plenty of nice sheets/blankets. I don't wear anything to bed under the sheets because it just gets all bunched up and uncomfortable. I'm a super light sleeper and anything can wake me up.

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How do you sleep?
-On my side after resting on my back for a little
Where do you sleep?
-Bottom double sized mattress of my bunkbed
How long do you sleep?
-before a work day around 7 hours because anxiety...every other day around 8-9
What is you sleep quality like?
-quite nice most of the time I'm happy to say ^_^ bar only those few times I had caffeine before hand XD
Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
-not usually
Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
-Meditation and imagining a nice pool of glowing water to float in with a good bit of flowers around.
Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
Sometimes I'll grab my plush wolfy to cuddle with x3
Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
The odd thing I wish I could have done better in the day...but that's rare usually


I sleep in a fairly closed off, dark room, next to my partner.

Depends on the day, some days I am fortunate and can sleep from around 1 AM-5 AM until 1 PM-3 PM, sometimes I am not so lucky and go to bed at like 1 - 2 AM and get up at 8 AM, ugh.

My sleep quality varies wildly, some nights I sleep undisturbed and some I wake up a few times from dreams and half delirious and feel awful in the morning. I usually always end up waking once though and end up having to go to the bathroom.

I change sleeping positions like a madman, I always tend to move side to side a few times until I manage to fall asleep fully.

I don't really do anything consciously to sleep better, but it tends to feel easier when I've been awake till very late night. Watching some video, playing some game or cuddling with the partner tends to help as well.

I sleep really poorly if I am too warm, which has been awful with the horribly heat wave in my country, and I can sleep poorly if I am thinking about too many things, or am too hyped up over something.


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On my my left with my right leg pulled up.


On my left side, always with either music or an audiobook playing on my IPod. I usually drop off within 5-10 minutes.


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How do you sleep? On my back during hotter months; on my side or stomach during colder months.
Where do you sleep? In my room, on a twin bed lifted about 2.5 ft off the ground, I'd say.
How long do you sleep? It varies. Usually five to six hours, on a good day.
What is you sleep quality like? Again, it varies. It's alright, once I get there, but if anything's going on in my environment while I sleep, it'll leak through.
Do you change sleeping position(s) often? Nah.
Are there things you do that makes you sleep better? Straightening the sheets and making the bed goes a long way to a good sleep. Turning off all the lights and unnecessary noises does as well. I tried the whole sleeping-on-the-floor thing as a kid and teen, but it just doesn't work for me. I also have medication that, among other things, is intended to help the taker sleep.
Are there things you like that makes you sleep better? Rain, thunder, cool weather, the scent of petrichor, clary sage or rosemary.
Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse? Blinking lights, porch lights, hot temps, birds, any kind of noise that doesn't easily melt into the background (i.e. a rattling box fan vs a quiet box fan).


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This seems very fun!

How do you sleep?
With a bunch of pillows surrounding my head, generally I'm stretched out on my stomach though.

Where do you sleep?
I believe my bed is a twin sized mattress on the floor.

How long do you sleep?
Anywhere from 8-16 hours. Usually I sleep around 10-12 though.

What is you sleep quality like?
I sleep very well from what I can tell. I hardly get dreams and just as rarely nightmares, although (this is completely different oops) I can to a degree control my dreams. I know when it is a nightmare/has turned to one before anything bad has happened and therefore can wake up without suffering the nightmare.

Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
Not that I know of, other then rolling to a side for a few hours, I usually wake up on the opposite side I was facing when I fell asleep.

Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
Not really! I just listen to videos of people playing games and many times fell asleep talking to friends.

Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
Keeping my window open doesn't help but it's nice to wake up to fresh air

Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
Not really, not much effects my sleep aside from dreams.