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How do you sleep?

Frank Gulotta

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I always fall asleep on my stomach and wake up on my back.


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Typically on my side or back. Either way, I wake up with sheets ripped off the bed.

Too many dreams. Most of them stressful.

Doesn't matter if I have 8 hours to pass out or 12, its takes forever and I still wake up every 3 hours. Having to close and open at work frequently doesn't help.

Sleep meds might work for one night but my body just seems to get used to it right away cause on the second night barely anything happens. Melatonin once in a while helps me to pass out sooner and I feel better rested sometimes.

On days where it is going to rain, I feel extremely tired. I don't have to know that it is/will be, I just wake up feeling exhausted, like I need to sleep another twelve hours just to feel okay.

I have a soft, squishy pillow and alternate between my weighted blanket and duvet. These are lovely and comfy, but next I'll need one of those feather cushion thingies to put over the mattress.

the sleepiest kitty

On my side/belly
On the left side of a full sized mattress. Right side's always empty, the way I prefer it to be.
Anywhere between 2 -12 hours
Sleep is just awful for me
Yes I toss & turn
No caffeine after 5 pm
Chamomile tea
High doses of caffeine and loud neighbors


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I've managed to determine my magic well-rested number is 9 hours. But it's pretty rare I get it... I frequently wake up through the night and have a tendency to break any sleep schedule I briefly establish

Speaking of, it's almost 5:30am again. Shit.
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I sleep on a double bed. I take a dose of allergy medicine with a shot of rum to help me get to sleep. I have to have a fan on, not for the breeze, but for the noise. After years of sleeping on a noisy ship, I can't sleep in silence. I usually dream that I'm back in the navy and something is going wrong. Then I wake up and think, screw it, I'm retired, someone else can fix it and go back to sleep. I'm usually woken up at least twice during the night by my dog, who's 13 and can't hold his water all night. I'm lucky if I get 6 hours of sleep with all of the interruptions.


sleep on top of two stacked mattresses, with loads of pillows! (a few of them surrounding the edge of the mattresses to act as a fort! To secure my base, and make sure I don't fall down into the abyss that is the uncomfortable ground!) And you can't forget the most important aspect of all, the stuffed animals! I sleep cuddled with my teddy bear and he makes sleep come so much faster for me! I luv me bed <3


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How do you sleep?

Well usually, though I only get 4-6 hours depending on the day

Where do you sleep?
Usually in a bed, rarely on a couch

How long do you sleep?
4-6 hours most days. Sometime more, sometimes less

What is you sleep quality like?
Usually pretty good

Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
Nope, like a log. Wake up the same position I nod off in usually

Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
Not really

Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
Cuddles or, depending on ambient temp, a nice thick comforter

Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?

Loud snoring and the extremely rare night terror


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I've had a hard time falling asleep ever since I was a kid. I was prescribed sleeping pills when I was around 15, and I'm still taking them every night. They don't always help, but I'm mostly dependant on them at this point- if I forget to take one, I won't sleep until the next day.

Once I fall asleep, I sleep like a rock until my alarm goes off.

I used to have my bed frame right on the floor, but I raised it up recently and I think I like it more this way.

the sleepiest kitty

How do you sleep? •On my side.
Where do you sleep? •In my bed, the left side of the bed.
How long do you sleep? •4-10 hours.
What is you sleep quality like? •Sometimes good, sometimes waking up a lot, sometimes insomnia.
Do you change sleeping position(s) often? •Toss and turn a lot.
Are there things you do that makes you sleep better? •hold a blanket or plushie in my arms. Or use a weighted blanket.
Are there things you like that makes you sleep better? •Hot tea.
Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse? •Pain, hot weather and no AC.


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- How do you sleep?

- Where do you sleep?
Currently, an air mattress (sure some you saw from my sketch update photo in the wip art thread)

- How do you sleep?
Currently, on a very flat pillow. No matter how much I fluff it's just dead.

- How long do you sleep?
Depends, but due to current stuff 4-6 hours I don't really nap though....

- What is your sleep quality like?
Poor I have a bad back and, I've been numb waking up sometimes. . . between that air mattress and my old bed in storage atm (I had it since elementary school ^^;) Also don't recommend air mattress I had sleep on them more than a few times and. . . Yeah I rather sleep on the floor if I can.

- Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
No, not even.

- Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
Anything that has sound cancelation, also before house hunt thing begin I also use a humidifier with some lavender oil. . It's also the sleepiest rave party as it change to all the colors. (it's in storage too atm)

- Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
I've been into these lately with sleephones one my favorites so far, but I also like rain hitting tint metal and widows. Oceans and river sounds are pretty good too..

- Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
Depends on what I had to eat before bed. . . .or mood.. Being to hype for something. . .Networking, late night painting to keep up post. (. - . ) -throws away phone-


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How do I sleep? Usually by way of tranquilizer dart to the rump, and a very heavy floaty feeling right before the world goes blurry...

Kellan Meig'h

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Sort of an update to the old sleeping situation. My Phillips Respironics CPAP machine went on recall so after having to do a new sleep study, I wrangled a new Resmed Airsense 11 out of my insurance. Things got better, then I changed CPAP masks to a Resmed F20 mask. What a difference!

If you're having difficulties with your CPAP machine, do not hesitate to talk with your providers about having the setup checked. My old CPAP machine from Phillips had difficulty dealing with mask leaks and apnea events in the middle of the night, going all the way to 20cmH2O and blowing the mask right off my face. The Resmed machine, however doesn't do this. I also get a better face seal at night, too. The newer machines are very quiet, too.


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I sleep i'd say okish

I sleep on my full sized bed that ive had for a few years and is abit i dont think lumpy but it sinks in the middle.

normally i sleep about 4-6 hours at most i get 8 on weekends

I'd say my sleep is often a bit rough. I sometimes struggle to get comfortable and have woken up on the floor.

somewhat but its mainly on my back or side. Occasionally I am messaging folks late at night and fall asleep on my stomach while typing or waiting for response.

Some sort of background noise like a somewhat boring youtube video that doesn't have people shouting or turning my fan to high.

A thing i do to fall asleep better is just to hold my little dog next to me if he allows as he likes to sleep on the bed but doesn't like to touch normally just lays in the corner.

I don't like to watch interesting videos or listen to stories as I often get too into them and stay awake.


I sleep on a bed in my guest room in my basement because I’m currently remodeling and my real bedroom was being used as a temporary kitchen. :/

I usually sleep about six hours, sometimes up to eight if I’m lucky. I wouldn’t say that I have the best quality of sleep. I switch positions a lot. One of my cats likes to crawl under the blankets and sleep next to my legs. The other one will sleep on top of the sheets close by.

I fall asleep a lot better if I have the TV on. There are certain movies that help more than others. Either of the Tron movies tend to help me sleep. I wish I remembered my dreams more often. I had a patch of several days about a week ago where I was having pretty vivid dreams. Sometimes I even kind of like nightmares once I’ve woken up from them… as long as it’s not some thing like personally disturbing to me.

I also like to take naps. Even when I’m at work I usually take a 15 to 20 minute nap after I eat my lunch. When I don’t have work I will usually take a 1 to 2 hour nap.


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I sleep quite alright. Doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep on calm nights.

I do wake up at around 5 in the morning though. I eat breakfast and then I’m able to go back to sleep.

I’m also playing music on my iPad all night long.


Whenever I see this thread, part of me wonders if somebody is going to say that they sleep like a bat!

I usually sleep on my back, with my laptop on and my cat curled up beside me. I don't move around much. Quality of sleep can be difficult to gauge. At least not until the end of the following day, when a lack of it becomes apparent. As I'm usually alert late into the evening, I'll take that as a sign that my sleep quality tends to be good. I also dream a lot, which suggests REM sleep.
Q: How do you sleep?

A: On my side with my arms propping up the pillow under my head. I'm a side sleeper.

Q: Where do you sleep?

A: On a full size bed.

Q: How long do you sleep?

A: Depends on my general state of mind... between 4-12 usually.

Q: What is you sleep quality like?

A: Restful most of the time. I just need a better sleep schedule.

Q: Do you change sleeping position(s) often?

A: Oh yas~ I roll in bed until I'm wrapped in sheets like a good wolfy burrito. Maybe an exaggeration but I switch sides.

Q: Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?

A: I play a rain track or asmr to help fall asleep and aim a fan at me for air circulation.

Q: Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?

A: Covering windows to make the room as dim and den-like as possible.

Q: Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?

A: A lot of sudden intense light. Any sort of sand, crumbs, or dirt in the bed. Any sort of moisture. Also cuddling me while I'm asleep. These will all wake me up for the duration.


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I sleep okay, though have frequent poor periods of sleep. These days aren't too bad, I've had long periods where I could only sleep a short amount at night.

I try to sleep in my bed, but sometimes I end up falling asleep on the couch. My bed is designed to help my bad back.

Length is a bit confusing - sometimes half an hour, sometimes a few hours. My sleep quality is often poor to moderate, I'm a frequent waker because I have damaged areas in my shoulders, knees and spine. I've had bursitis, arthritis, and torn ligaments, and it's normal to have twinges that wake me up in a lot of pain. I try to take painkillers at the right point if it's going to be a bad one so I can stay asleep.

Yep, I change positions a lot - sometimes fall out of bed. I used to sleepwalk when I was younger but don't any more.

The thing that helps me sleep the most is if I've managed to get a fair amount of exercise during the day and also managed to have a pain free day - sometimes that means painkillers. Walking can make the meniscus and ligament problems worse, but it helps relieve the arthritis.