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How do you walk?


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Because I make original topics.

I've noticed people have walks all somewhat different.
How much noise do you make when you walk?
I personally love the way I walk, as it has its uses. I don't make a sound on most surfaces when I walk, even with boots on. My walking is more like a smooth glide...
The exception to this is when I'm carrying something.

More details as I think more on this.

Post whatever thoughts you have.


I have this obsession with the noise dress shoes make on hard surfaces, so I walk flat. The more clicks, the happier I am.


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I walk very fast, due to being a waiter and being on my feet for 8 hours a day, and people usually are a bit slow getting out of my way, IMO. I can walk quiet too, too much practice from sneaking out late at night in HS.

EDIT-^^ I love clicking too. I have shiny dress shoes for work.
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I'm a quiet walker, usually going at a bit faster of a pace than average. I have OCD of how I walk though, cus in the past, I have been told that I have a 'bounce' to my walk. I try to focus on that "glide" you mentioned. I think I've successfully corrected my walking through this OCD :]


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Purposefully. In general, if I'm on my feet and walking, I'm trying to get somewhere. A slow stride really isn't my thing, unless it's necessary.


I make a conscious effort to keep my head up and my shoulders back. I like to portray confidence when I walk.


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I usually drag my feet, though whether I'm barefoot or wearing my construction boots I'm pretty silent, except when running of course but then I'm still a bit quiet.

I don't move my arms too much, enough that they're not just hanging there but not flapping around smacking people in the face (Though... That would be a plus), just somewhere below moderate arm movement.

Posture... I'm usually keeping my head down but enough to both see where I'm going and to see if I'll trip over anything.


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I walk like a madman, or so my friends tell me. I tend to walk a lot quicker than they do, even when I'm walking normally for me. When I'm in a hurry and I powerwalk, it's not quite a sprint but it's damn close.

I walk very loudly, though that's usually because I'm rushing everywhere. I tend to stare at the ground when I walk instead of looking at the people around me. It's just one of those things.

If my feet are hurting me, I tend to try to walk on my heels or the edges of my feet.


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I walk at a fairly quick pace, but still leisurely as I'm always taking in my surroundings as well. One needs time to look around, as well as watch where one's feet are going, to avoid stepping in or on things you don't want to.


Never really thought about it. I don't drag my feet. I don't like scuffing or clicking. I walk at a somewhat slow, relaxed pace. If I need to go fast I run, none of that speed-walking shit.


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Oh another thing...

I always end up looking at people's butts because I look down when I walk :p
They're in my line of vision, how do I not? D:
I feel like a pervert, but I kinda am because a lot of the butt-looking is on purpose XD


Oh another thing...

I always end up looking at people's butts because I look down when I walk :p
They're in my line of vision, how do I not? D:
I feel like a pervert, but I kinda am because a lot of the butt-looking is on purpose XD

I can't stand looking at people. Period. I hate eye contact. When I walk I'm in my own little dimension, and I ignore everybody else as much as possible.


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yeahyou know this dragon walks because he's disracts by everything XD

well....is true...no wonder if i crash because i look to the sky...or th ground...or a newspaper of other

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Considering the doctors said I was supposed to spend my entire life in a wheelchair, given I was born paralyzed (with twisted legs), I'm quite happy to be walking, period.

Back straight (Most of the time, unless my bag is heavy) and I tend to make no noise when I walk when I am comfortable and have nothing irritating me.. Like belt too tight or loose etc.

I cross my arms a lot I think.. When I have my sweater on I usually have my hands in the pockets in front.


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The way i walk makes it extremely easy to sneak up on people...i think its funny that a 6'2" 230 lb person can make little to no noise when walking around


It seems like never fast enough for others.

I hunch a little, bounce on the second step (off my right foot), and about every 50 steps I wipe my face with my sleeve a bit.

Alternatively, I swagger a little from side to side, but I don't bounce heavily back on alternating steps, I slump back a little.

It depends on how conscious I am when I walk.

If I'm really conscious, I tend to stand up completely straight, but still shimmy from side to side a bit due to how often I walk like that. When I do this I usually cross my arms, and reach at my back attempting to illustrate to people around me that there's something wrong with my back. There isn't, I'm just sensitive about how I walk.

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When I walk I'm in my own little dimension, and I ignore everybody else as much as possible.
Just like the French, where eye-contact is often cause for aggression.

I guess I walk fast if I have a destination, slow if I don't, but I do tend to keep my eyes on the ground (because everybody over here has dogs and so often they don't pick up after them). Always have a straight back; my grandpa the ex-military man wouldn't settle for less. Hands tend to go in pockets when available, either so I can fiddle with something or keep my change from jangling as I walk past bums asking for money.
If I'm in nature, though, on a trail, I always feel a need to jog or run, so I walk a lot faster. Don't know why, exactly.


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Despite my digitigrade walk ,I usually make noises with each of my step.
I don't know why, but I just can't walk quietly.


For walking, I have your typical clopping of my shoes, not because I'm trying to, but because I weigh alot and I'm tall. (144.4+ and counting cuz I'm still growing...)

For running, I have to get momentum going, but once I get going, I can run very fast.