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How do you walk?


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I usually walk quickly with long strides with back straight, shoulders back, and head up. (My father would have no less.) I am fairly quiet considering I wear work boots most everywhere, and my walk is often described by my friends as angry, though I am, as of yet, unsure why they describe it as such.


I use to walk one foot in front of the other and swinging my hips back and forth as if swinging my tail. (well for the times i wasn't wearing on.) but now I'm just glad to be walking normally again since i was in a collision.


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silently, or, if I'm pissed, I have a walk that seems to say "get in my way, and I will kill you."
The way I walk makes me look like I'm constantly strutting. -_- Picture that. I walk very fast when I don't want to waste time. I can walk rather silently, and sometimes run with my heels up... Still reading this? :p


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I got my walk from over 4 years of Military training (ROTC....boot camp.)


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I can walk softly if I want to, or if I want to sneak up on someone, though usually I barely lift my feet off, just enough to move one foot in front of the other. (Sometimes that results in a shoe catching the edge of a step)

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I don't pick up my feet well, so I generally make "scuff scuff" noises when I walk. I also tend to sway from side to side as I step...my brother actually tried to stop that when I was younger. o_O My mom says I walk like my uncle.

When I'm trying to look uh, impressive, I try to stride and not scuff. xD


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Being in marching band for eight years has caused me to have a stride of 22.5 inches (give or take an inch). The distance between each yard line on a football field is five yards. To go from each yard line in eight steps, each step has to be 22.5 inches. Since this is such a basic fundamental in marching band, I've been about to measure out 2.5 and 5 yard increments without any problem for over five years.

Also, I usually walk with my feet making a distinct rolling motion from heel to toe. If I don't have shoes on, I tend to walk on the balls of my feet to make less noise. That came from growing up in a house with creaky floors.

I also compulsively walk to the beat of any music I hear. If there isn't any music, I tend to walk in step with whoever is closest to me, without realizing it.

.......I'm such a band geek. XD But some of it has started to fade a bit, since I couldn't be in band this past year.


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Well, I didn't read all of this, but based on what I've seen so far, the quick "glide" seems to be very popular...

That's about it for me. I'm a quick, quiet walker. I *think* you could call it a glide.
I walk with a limp in my left leg but I still walk pretty fast tho'


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It depends on a number of factors. What music I am listening to at the time, I tend to bound around when I got music to walk to. Or how stoned I am, after a few smokes I tend to take everything in my stride. Normally head up and shoulders back at a relative fast pace


Let's see... quite fast, even if I'm just having a walk or something - I actually seem to have forgotten how to walk slowly, heh. I try to remember to straighten up, but most of the time, I fail to - with my 1,9x ( long time since I checked last time ), I have the habit to bump my head constantly, so I keep it down instinctively. I make rather heavy steps - not making too much noise, but definitely audible. Like many others here, I like the clicking sound, so dress shoes for me most of the time, too. Somehow, I also tend to like female shoes more than those designed for males - not wearing them deliberately, but the shoes I buy more often than not have a more sleek, more effeminate design... *shrug*
Oh, and I have a habit of looking each passer-by in the face and smiling or greeting. Makes the world a happier place =)