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How do you wear your hair?

How do you wear your hair? (legnth)

  • Short (Clean cut. fades etc)

    Votes: 48 39.3%
  • Medium (shags, bobs, anything shoulder legnth)

    Votes: 30 24.6%
  • Long (Anything past shoulders)

    Votes: 24 19.7%
  • Don't give a fuck.

    Votes: 20 16.4%

  • Total voters


Red Wolf Inquisitor
I get mine cut fairly short to ~1.5-2.5cm. Then other than an occasional brushing I leave it alone for a few months until it's ~5-6cm. I hate it when it's long because it's bleeping hot where I live. I'd go ahead and just shave it off or get a buzz cut if they didn't make me look even more like a Saturday morning cartoon villain than I already do. Bald scientists with a large mustaches tend to make people nervous.

Esper Husky

Short, plain, no gel or such -- half the time, I don't even brush. Slightly messy. I get it cut every other month, too, 'cause it gets a bit too "fro" based for my taste?

I used to have long hair down to my shoulder blades, but after I cut it, I never got myself back to that length again; can't stand the "medium" length I get.