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How does it feel to be small?

How tall are you

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Me myself I am a tall guy and most people around me are a bit smaller then me and then I was asking myself... how does it feel for a small person to be surrounded by taller people...

Or do you have any stories about something realted to this topic?


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I'm a little over 2 meters tall and I often wonder the same thing, but whenever I squat down to view the world from a 150 cm or lower perspective I get scared of all the big and terrifying things around me and have to stand up :p

In all seriousness, it is weird, having grown up tall, to alter my perspective even by just a foot.


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My mate is a foot taller and uses me as a headrest when we stand in line


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I don't hit my head on anything and I'm still an ok height, how do you tall people live with everywhere being more clostrophobic?


670 blp
My mate is a foot taller and uses me as a headrest when we stand in line
I used to do that with one of my ex gf's... But more as armrest...

She didn't really like it...


Haters Gonna Hate
I used to do that with one of my ex gf's... But more as armrest...

She didn't really like it...
Lol I don'tmind when he does it cause I use him as a couch XD


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Being almost in the 190cm region, I don't have much of an issue of being short, but I have been around people much taller (and shorter) than I, and at first it does feel a tad awkward looking up (down for the less vertically gifted) at them. My biggest issue being tall and skinny is finding fitted pants that don't ride 30 feet up my leg when I take a seat. A lot of pants in stores are either the correct leg length but have a waist size that's too big, or have the correct waist with the pant height too short.


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About 185cm here.

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I am just a little taller than 160 centimeters. I don't really care and no one else does either, so I'm fine with my height.


I'm about 157 cm (5'2")... always have been tiny. People liked to try to pick me up and carry me around in school, which pissed me the hell off.

Sometimes it sucks not being able to reach things in high places, but it's also fun to climb up on things to get them instead :p


barely under 160 cm, can't really be lifted up as a joke cause I'm fat but people really like to use my head as an armrest and I honestly don't mind that, lmao
One thing, pants are a bitch for leg length, 29 inseams are way too long so I have to hem everything, buuut that also makes shopping easier in the aspect that I can just yank a 40W and leg length doesn't matter way too much cause I'm hemming it anyways.
Good thing about being short: You'll never run outta people to look up to


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Most people around me are shorter than me, I've never been around people that we really much taller than me other than school, and that's because I was only 4'5 back then owo
Though my entire family really is short, since my mom is 5'2, and my sister is 5'5 (same height as me), but my dad is 5'11


At 6 feet 6 inches, I'm always having to bend down just to get through a door. Driving sports cars becomes an Olympic sport because of the amount of flexibility it requires, and beds are uncomfortable because my feet dangle over the end.


I'm about 163cm. Hasn't been an issue with me or my mates. I think it's all about how you feel about yourself really. I've never been tall so my height is normal. My tall friends have trouble with finding clothes that fit well or bending down to get things by their knees/feet. And I have trouble getting things on the top shelf. So we just help each other out, mutual respect. Lol.

I prefer my mates to be taller than me though. Not sure if that's weird or not, but it's what I like. Hehe.


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I've learned how to get things off of high shelves mostly by myself, and otherwise being small just makes me cute :p


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Am exactly 6ft tall. Or 2 meters, or whatever. At 6ft, am tall enough not to be small and small enough not to be Taltos. Not able to give you an accurate description of being small, so dont even know really why posted this....... but I did anyway. so there.


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I'm 5'8 - 5'9 so I'm pretty much around average height for a guy. In the group of friends I typically hang out with I am about the same height as the majority of them, but for the people who ARE taller than me are a load taller than me which is strange, and same for people who are shorter. It seems to be people are either small, medium or tall where I live lol.