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How "fast" do you expect responses?


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I know many in this forum have grown up in an age of email, text messages, and cell phones. When you contact someone, you expect them to get back to you in a couple of hours.

Personally, I get back when I am able, and I guess that bothers people. The other day I posted a YCH bid, which I got, but due to the fact I have a job and can't always be sitting in front of a computer with access to FA constantly, the seller said I didn't get back to them fast enough and gave it to someone else. This was all within a 24 hour period.

I dated a guy about 12 years ago who would send me texts and think I was "ignoring" him if I didn't respond within two hours. He texted me while I was at work, or asleep, and then get mad that I didn't write back at his convenience.

What is with that?

I can't have a phone with me at work, at least not when I'm on the clock. I can check it at breaks, and that's it. I work well over 40 hours a week, and I have stuff I have to do at home (I live on a farm), so my face is not glued to my phone every waking hour.

I get that some people might get impatient if it has been a couple of days with no response, but hours?

Go outside. Get some fresh air. They'll write you back when they have time.


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I'm a "when you feel like it" kind of person, unless it's important or time sensitive, in which case I still think a few hours is perfectly reasonable. I generally have my phone on me, but sometimes even if I did see a text I won't respond right away, because I want to finish what I'm doing or I'm just not currently in the mood to chat.

I decided to get a cell phone much later than most people my age, and it took me even longer to start using it for texting, so I sometimes feel like I don't grasp messaging etiquette as well as most people.

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You don't understand, I need my immediate gratification Immediately.


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I guess I'm not too surprised by that because most of the attention for an upload seems to wear off in the first day and this site has some pretty intense YCH competition. Sometimes on the browse page I've hit ctrl f and searched 'reminder' and without exaggeration about 30% of the 72 results were YCH reposts. But maybe I was just unlucky; I don't browse a lot.

Personally my reply rate ranges from 'never' to 'in a few seconds' depending on the medium... and if I feel like it. It's true that some people don't cope very well with that, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I'm not much for buying but when I offer my services I try and respond within 24 hours (usually significantly less if I know the client is also online) and then I set expectations.

That being said if a client is super-uppity and unrealistic with their demands it's probably in my best interest to just drop them and let a different person deal with that bullshit. I would much rather focus my efforts and energies on my current batch of good and reasonable clients rather than struggle and get frustrated with a new shit client.

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Doesn't bother me. If someone gets back to me they get back to me, simple as that. If it's a matter of life or death then I would expect a little more urgency.


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I think it depends on who it is and what the medium is, more than anything. And sometimes, let's be honest, on how time-sensitive the query is. I have been known to send boyfriend multiple messages if he hasn't responded fast enough to "do you want me to pick something up on my way home?" In my defense I generally know, in a loose way, what he's doing.

In other contexts, though, I usually have all the chill (unless it's a high anxiety day, because anxiety-driven impatience is a very different beast). Probably helps that I, due to depression, have a very poor sense of time. "Oh, it's been a week? I didn't realize it was that long?" Sometimes that makes me kinda shit at communication, because I don't really perceive time passing in a meaningful way as I procrasinate on answering messages.

Unless it's waiting for shit to get released from customs jail after I bail it out. Customs jail means I'm counting the fucking seconds (only exaggerating a little). But that's because putting a $2 item in customs jail and asking for $8 bail to release it is dead stupid.


I give responses at max with 2 to 5 hours of late answer, due to either AFK, sleep, or school bullshit
But, everybody I can name up will say the same thing
"my answers take a minute to reach out"
I value timing, A LOT
and I don't know half of the quarter of the things of the stuff that the others are doing but......I hate to be left waiting too long
Once I've waited 4 months for somebody's response
I am extremely impatient
But I waited, I am always waiting
But after you get used...it becomes easier to bear it
But, I wish to be responded with at least 10 hours late


I personally think it depends on the reason behind the communication more than anything.

For personal things like just chatting with a friend via text or sending a personal E-mail just whenever to a few days seems fairly appropriate when circumstances allow for it. For "important" things like work, business, school/uni/whatever, or matters where money or something of value is being discussed the sooner the better to about two days at the absolute latest.

That said, I view this more as a courtesy than a requirement. I don't think it was very appropriate for the artist to give your bid to the next offer just because of a difference of less than a day.
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Email is typically 2-3 days for non urgent, but usually 2-3 hours, even in business. If it requires urgency, I call. If project related, I usually email and then pay a visit, if possible, or attempt other contact. anything else is free game and could be anytime of convenience. I am also very forgiving and give the same courtesy to everyone else. FB? No particular time for a response. I use chat like a phone.

At work, I label email subject lines on what is needed and priority or suspense. Just makes it easier.

Email is just electronic mail, which the only thing that means is my letter will get to you in a few seconds versus a few days. It doesn't change that you require time to send me a letter response.

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Anything above 24 hours means that I am not a part of the person's priorities and I lose interest as well.
I've legitimately had an artist take almost a month to get back to me on a commission request. The commission was great!

It really depends on context.

I'm not always patient for responses, but that's my own problem. Or theirs if I decide to be a playful nuisance to one of my friends. :p


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I can't expect much because I'm extremely bad about this. If it's business, I'll reply within 24 hours. If it's a friend, I'll reply sometime between 10 seconds and five days. Even so, I get anxious when someone doesn't reply to me because they're usually much faster about it.


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I don't care how long it takes unless it's something that needs to be answered fast.

I got used to it anyway. My ex always kept her phone on silent and it'd take her forever to answer to answer my texts sometimes. It could be annoying and inconvenient sometimes.


I don't care how long it takes unless it's something that needs to be answered fast.

I got used to it anyway. My ex always kept her phone on silent and it'd take her forever to answer to answer my texts sometimes. It could be annoying and inconvenient sometimes.
Big distance relationships are fucked up...I am a loser who knows


I totally understand taht people can have stiff to do, everyone has a life putsidd of this forum and the socials. I totally agree with you but i also think that when you have to do something taht will keep you away from the chat its good to at least warn people first saying taht you will not be available for some time so they will not think youre ignoring them or something.


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Big distance relationships are fucked up...I am a loser who knows

This wasn't long distance. I was with her 7 years and thought she was the one kind of thing.

Getting her to answer texts could be a pain.

It'd take her hours to answer sometimes when you wanted to do something so I had to learn to plan in advance a little bit and ask her to do something a few days before we would do it.

Sometimes there was just no spur of the moment stuff with her cause of that.


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15 seconds, i lov u
1 minute friends
1 hour aquaintance
5 hours DMV material
Next day , yeah, right
3 days, who are you?
5 days, i moved on
A week, i sent a pack of wolves to find you, or eat you, doesnt matter either way

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If you don't respond within 1 second before my post, meaning you have to predict what I'm about to say, I will get ANGERY.

It usually depends, if I'm warned before hand that you'll be busy (as in you have a job that takes up your day) I'll understand.
If you're playing a game when I sent you a message I'll be sad. No I don't expect an instant response, I just expect one when you're done, so usually an hour.

If you go blank with no previous warning for at least a week I'll try and send a message, if I don't get anything within next week, I move on.

I try and make warnings before hand that: I am the kind of guy who constantly shifts and moves, I easily forget stuff like messaging hence why I'd want people to message me if I take too long.
I'm usually not busy, but I'm VERY forgetful so I get sad when I "blank" on people, but a message of "You there?" or "It's your turn by the way" Usually gets me. Stuff like "Hey." are low priority in my head since I get random messages.

I also know where you come from, Mael. I had a guy who'd message me every minute and expect a response within a minute or else he'll keep going on and on about something and post like "You there?"
It's the fact he kept spamming and not putting stuff that could be in one sentence in one sentence. I need some time to myself, other people need time to themselves, it's why if people say "I gotta go" I understand immediately.