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How furry are you?

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How furry am I?
Well I grew up an anthro artist, Love wolves and foxes, and kill time w/ comics i'd say i'm pretty furry
Hmmmm... I've never asked myself this question, but it's about time I did. If I had the patience and time, I would make myself a pair a bunny ears, paws and tail. I'm semi-furry I think. I mean yah I lurv anthro, but not in the bedroom. I would never wanna weasr a fur suit, they look all hot and uncomfortable. I'd be very happy in just ears and paws. I first learned how to draw anthros before I knew they were anthros back in third grade with my persnonified dragons. I leanred how to draw things almost with perfect anatomy with the anthros I saw on VCL, I learned how to draw nathros before people (the ears were the hardest transion ever). I still love to create new animals and such that can't even exist in today's society but yet funchtion like people do. I lurv to RP anthro, and I dod it alot. I've don it IRL before though. If I ever get a pair of ears made, I'm so wearing them to school ^_^ So I guess I'm semi-furry, I think anyways.


wow thread necro, good reply though =P

i made this thread the first day i joined lol


No time like the present.
oh! uh...I'm not furry at all...
*looks at shiny scales*

for you see...I am part of the minority known as scalies. (along with avians, slippies, xenos, and other) Everybody wants to be fluffy...fluffy bites... -.=.- (scales 'n' scutes for me please :D :D :D :D )
Well, alright, this is a good thread to have revived.

How furry am I? Let's find out:

I don't see myself fursuiting. I do really want a tail to wear around campus and such, and maybe some footpaws to use as slippers, but that's about it. I have a collar. I want to eventually grow my hair long and dye some of it either red fox or fennec fox color (black at the tips, for that extra-special metal touch). I don't do the RP thing. I don't believe in animal spirits, although it's an enticing proposition. Sexuality...yes. :)  Zoophilia / plushophilia / etc. ... no (although those aren't really furry traits, those are fucked-up-people traits). I'd like to be able to draw well. I've been obsessed with foxes for as long as I can remember. And I love the fandom, because I realize that most people aren't too extreme with it.

I'd give myself a 5 on the scale that I just made up. So that's out of 9.

DruoxTheFurrinator said:
Anyway, how furry am I?

*pulls up his pant leg*

*screams of fear*

Yeah...I'm pretty Furry

I LOL'd. :p


I like the art, some of the stories, anthro characters in games and I wouldn't exactly complain if the world woke up furry one day ;) I'm at the point that on the official Elder Scrolls site I was one of the activists fighting to get digitrade beast races brought back into the game, one of the DEVs even logged in just to rant at me :p

But I like furries simply because I do, it is one of those things that you are drawn to without knowing why. I don't feel any spiritual connection to my chosen species or believe I share its personality traits, I just like them 'shrug'

But I don't like it when people try to build a behaviour structure around something as simple as liking anthropomorphic characters. It's like what most sub cultures are treated today; if you like this aspect of a subculture you must also like these aspects, the typical stereotyping.

The moment you say you like furries you are accused of [insert fandom related stuff here] because someone out there decided to define what a furry is. I don't scritch, I don't make animal noises, I don't believe in animal spirits and I haven't read/seen most popular furry media. I suppose that means I'm not furry on the basis of someone said you needed those to be one :roll:

No single person or even a group of people should decided what makes a furry for the rest of us.


ADF said:
No single person or even a group of people should decided what makes a furry for the rest of us.

*stands up and claps* very well said
Only moderately, I think. However, I feel that will change in 2007. haha.


enough to say that i cant read little red ridding hood like i used to read it long ago.


Well, I can't draw, I wouldn't don a furry suit in public and I don't say I am openly. I do like the art though (to the extent that I think I break some of the rules of christianity). Yeah, so, am I furry in anyone heres view? Because I think I am largely in some areas but not at all in others. Also I kinda found this a few hours ago and haven't left it, same thing with furnation. What does that mean? Answers on A post card (or on this forum if you can't be bothered with that)
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Chibi Chubbeh Draggie
Online, I'm a fur... iRL... uh, not so much but I still enjoy drawing furs. ^^;


Me so furry! Me ruv you wrong time!


Tom Servo
Online, I'm a superfurfagtimes1000. In real life, I'm definitely still a fur, but I act normal.


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well, i just registered, not much of an artist (yet) and i kinda want to know were i stand with the rest of the people here of how 'in-depth' some of you guys are. the whole furry thing is kinda new to me, but ive seen everything from people who just like the artwork to people that express themselves almost solely as an animal. dont post anything judgemental, and i sure as hell wont be, just kinda want to get my bearings.

myself, ive got an obsesion with werewolf type art, which drew me into other furry art, and while the whole rp aspect sounds interesting, i havnt looked into it all to much yet.
Well I am a furry artist and I have a fursuit I like to wear to ^^
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