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How has the furry fandom changed your life, if at all?


Best Raccoon
I'm just curious ^////^;I think that becoming a furry has really improved my life. I've made new friends, I've beenn drawing more in my spare time, I feel really good about myself, it helped me realize I was gay (and got me a couple boyfriends~)... all in the span of 2013. Overall, I think it was a pretty good year.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
It definitely hasn't changed my life, but it's inspired me to draw almost as much as when I was a kid, and had all the time in the world (and had the confidence to, because I didn't realise how terrible I was). Also the introduction to fursuiting/fursuit building, which is something I was yearning for all my life without even knowing it existed. And the fact that I can some day do that is pretty cool.

It also makes me feel more normal, and that makes me feel safe about myself.


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It gives me something to dick around with when I'm bored. It's really not the kind of thing can really change someone's life.


It has ~yet~ to change my life, but you never know. Maybe I'll find a nice guy through the furry fandom.

Ahzek M'kar

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Hasn't really changed my life, but then not much does unless it's really impacting.


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Not yet, since I am pretty new, and I can't really see why would I change from except Steam friends.

I ain't going to a con or buy a fursuit, that shit scares me imo.


It gives me another thing to check on the internet and lose sleep doing nothing. -.-

Oh, and I started writing a lot more again!

And checking on views and comments cuz I can't make myself go to sleep. _._

It's past midnight. I need help

Mr. Sparta

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Since joining the fandom, I never felt more sexually confused in my life.

I've nailed down that i'm totally straight, thats for sure, its just the details that make things awkward.
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Kitsune Cross

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I waste a lot more time now and I'm sure I'm getting a little more insane as times goes, on the other hand I think I improved my english a lot on this forum and found some music.


Archmage of the Wandering Isle
Due to the fandom: I have evolved into an omnipotent being.

lol, what are you expecting me to say?
I've made the realization that "wolves" are mainstream? XD


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It reignited my love for drawing and keeps inspiring me to improve my art. Also met some awesome people here.


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it made me look forward into the future and for the first time in my entire life actualy care about my future.
also it helped me start my drawing hobby and it took away my old personality.... which was basicaly a blunt assholes personality
it realy changed me, and all for the better. i am a much better person then i was last year
If it wasn't for the people I've met in the fandom, I wouldn't have moved cross-country twice over the last few years.


The Furry Phil
Well I have only been in the fandom for like 6 months. So all it has done to me was make me spend more time on my computer and spend money on a collar instead of other things so it hasn't really done much!


It gave me another fandom to join and helped reinstate the fact I can't draw to save my life but I made a couple of friends and had fun so it's all good