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How is the shading/lighting and feline anatomy on this?


Bomb Rider
So I just uploaded this drawing of mine, I made it for two reasons: I wanted to create a feline character (a cat in this case) and I wanted to train on how to properly do lighting and shading effects.
The character is standing in a B-17's cockpit and the fuselage is entirely covered in raw aluminum plates (hence the slight grey shade).
So tell me what you think of it, and don't hesitate to be frank, I accept any critique as long as it is constructive.



I would recommend moving away from colored pencils for shading practice. If you like working with traditional methods I recommend getting some pencils with varying hardnesses for the shading and drawing. Once you got it down in black and white I think it will translate better to color drawings.


Bomb Rider
I did use 4 different hardnesses of pencils for the shading though I only used them on the character, the shadow under his arm, and the shadows on the seats the rest of the drawing (the inside and outside of the cockpit) are shade free, because I wanted it to look shiny.
Do you think I should have shaded some parts of it too?


While you did a great job with getting the perspective of the plane, especially the windows. The window on the top of the plane looks a little strange. You did a great job with the contrast inside and outside the plane. However, there isn't much shading on the picture. I assume the light source is up, but you have the same value on each side of the plane with just a little gradation in the arm and that's it. However the drawing works fine as a flat color illustration. Look at this box. see how the light hits the box makes it a different shade on each plane?



Bomb Rider
Thanks for the advice Maugryph.
The window on top of the canopy is weird, I agree, but it's what it acatually looks like on a B-17 (it's roundes and also follows the curve of the fuselage). As for the light source, it would be a near blinding daylight coming from the top right hand corner of the sheet, in a direction orthogonal to the right windshield (the one in the foreground). But thanks to your box shading tutorial picture, I can now see where the canopy needs some shading. Thanks again


Incoherent Babble Master
Maughryph pretty much covered everything to say on the shading, the only thing i can throw in is dont be affraid to make your darker and lighter shades more dramatic. (darker darks, lighter lights) I see that you tried to shade but like maughryph said it isn't very apparent because of how similar the values on the dark and light areas are. This especially apllies to a drawing where the light source is "blinding daylight" with an extremely bright light source the shadows and highlights will be even more dramatic. On another note, I freakin love planes man, I like it. I like it a lot.