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How is your art build up?



Basically I mean with that how do you layer it?
Like do you do construction lines and then a sketch and then the lineart or do you just straight up do a sketch or lineart.

Just asking cause I want to improve and know what others do.

I basically do the head circle thing with the parameters and then I sketch the head and after that I sketch the whole body . That being the main sketch.

Depending on my mood, I add a more clean sketch with more details(sometimes not).

Then I do the lineart.

Now its your turn guys.


Blue Frog
Usually I do a straight line art, though somewhat a sketchy one, directly to the computer. I use the mouse to manipulate my trace with anchor points and handles, and my mind normally tells me when something feels weird or disproportional. I use Illustrator CS6 for vector art (don't really feel like updating with all those subscription fees)

Oh and when I'm unaware of how some body parts are supposed to look (ie: hands) I take photos of my own, although I'm yet to start using articulated dolls


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I usually start with a rough torso shape, add a centre line to determine the angle/twist, then rough legs with vague shapes for feet, rough arms with vague shapes for hands, and a head circle with guidelines.

After that I start tightening up the sketch in no particular order, jumping back and forth between different parts of the drawing. I draw in the face shape, add hands and feet, make the muscles more defined, add facial features, fur texture, and refine all the shapes as I go along.

When I'm satisfied with it, I move on to inking. The pencil sketch has to be pretty much exactly how I want it before I start the inking stage, because I'm not confident enough with a dip pen to do anything but follow the linework exactly as it's laid down, only varying the thickness.

Then scan, clean up, and colour.

Sometimes I'll doodle a completed head that I really like and I'll end up just sticking a body under it, but I try to avoid this because it can make for a less balanced looking drawing.

Doodle Bunny

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For my digital paintings, I start with a thumbnail sketch in my sketchbook. I snap a picture on my phone and then download onto my art tablet.

Then, I clean the sketch manually and decide what ambient color I’ll use.

Then, it’s time to block in forms. First with the soft brush and then with a hard, square brush.

Once I’m happy with the forms, I start rendering details, usually with a basic round brush.

Final step usually involves me color correcting just to push it further.

End results are something like this:


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I have many different styles, but my favourite is sketching and cleaning the sketch, usually using a thick airbrush:



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Depends on what it is, i'll post two examples
This one for lineart

First I get my sketch down, making sure to have my details down so I'm not lost when lining

Then I lower my opacity of the sketch and add in the lineart

Then I add in hatching, the amount depending on how I want the art to look/feel

Then I remove my sketch and add in whatever shading/coloring needs to be done (in this case no color)

Then I just add in whatever flair I need

And that's it!


Getting thru it all
For painting and coloring it's a similar process

Messy rough sketch

Then I clean it up with a skin toned sketch

Then I add in flat colors (ignore the highlights and strands on the hair it shouldn't be there yet)

Then I take a small airbrush and outline my sketch again to clean it up and remove the sketch

Then block in shadows, highlights, natural blush, contrast, more highlights, and texture(and more shadow and highlights to the hair) And blend it together (I overblend eep :0)

And then I add in subtle details like hairstands, lip gloss, etc etc + background

And then it's done ! :)


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Sloppy describes it well.
I do a messy sketch, then I put color underneath and more color on top. After that I erase the lines that are still visible and merge layers. I don't do lineart so I can be lazier about things. Should: no, but can: yes. Don't take advice from me.

I delete the unmerged files of finished pictures, so here's a WIP.
Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 5.15.48 PM.png