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How long did it take?


No idea but I remember not liking the term "furry" because of the sexual aspects tacked to it. I instead used to call myself "anthro artist"

but now I don't care if I call myself furry, anthro artist, dog-drawer, etc
My dad says "he draws cartoon cat men" so uhhhhh. yeah!


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The time between me hearing about furries and identifying as one was about... five minutes. Just read the wikipedia page when I came across the term and didn't know what it meant, seemed fairly interesting. It's been about a year and a half now.
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I'm guilty myself of tl;dr, I would dump every detail on my mind into posts. It does help to reword those exceptionally long ones to get the same point across, yet cut out the bulk of unnecessary details. You won't pump out 10k posts in one year buut... :rolleyes:

Of course, that drew me in to respond as I got that feeling also.

I see.
But I am not one to ever care on the post count, and yeah I got to simplify my posts I guess...well sometimes.


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Few months, I accepted it the more I learned about it.

I was pretty stupid back then, huh.


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How long did it take to realize I was a furry (or feathery, rather)? Not very long at all. It's taken me forever to decide on a species, however. >:I


i don't know if i consider myself a furry, becuase i like the anhro/furry art since i was a child
now answering the question, it took me about 3 years to discover that i was very involved in this thing


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I dunno, just decided to join one day. Wasn't like a had an epiphany or something that I was always a furry and just didn't admit it.


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When did I become interested? Don't know, just found it interesting like all the hobbies I like.


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A little over three months ago. I was trolling some furries and eventually got converted from internet furry-hating /b/ to one of you guys.

Fuck all of you! ;>


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I've considered myself a furry for the last 10 years at least...

Found out through webcomics, deviantart, and ironically... SA, which I was on at the time.
He is a /b/ro?

I got to admit, it takes patience to deal with him then.

Yeah he is, and you're right; it does. If he ever found out I was furry, I don't even know what he'd do. He'd probably be all like "ewwww omfg you're nasty ewwww augh!!!" and lose all respect for me and probably start busting my balls a lot.


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I've been officially a furry for about a couple of months (roughly), but considering favorite characters and what not from childhood.... yeah... you could say I was one for a while. So say about 10 years? <shrug>

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from birth till when it first occurred that I could be one, probably 16 years or so but stayed in denial till a few years later


No idea actually, I just remember they were talking about it in a chat room (about 2 years ago now) and I thought 'wait, that sounds like me' and to this day I still am.

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I've always liked anthros and a couple of months ago i heard of furries and it just hit me: this fits my description and likings.


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from birth till when it first occurred that I could be one, probably 16 years or so but stayed in denial till a few years later


Anyway, I found out about furries through Gmod.org. A lot of people were raging on a "furry" background and I thought "this thing is cute" so I looked up a little info on the furry fandom, got an understanding of what everything is like, looked at some art and a month later, I decided to sign up on FAF and label myself as a furfag.


What a diffuse question.

I must say that I've been a "furry" for as long as I can remember. When I was only a couple of years old, I would pretend to be some animal for days on end, and nothing would stop me. It drove my parents mad, I've heard. When I was five or so, a feeling of being misplaced in my body settled in, and it's still with me to this very day.
I guess the quality control guys at the baby factory had a bad day.

As for associating with the "furry community," I'd say that I knew that I was a part of it the moment I heard about it, back in '03-'04, I think.


oh damn... well... I guess it started when I realized I watched way too many cartoons. I preferred to watch animated shows over filmed shows. Same for movies and video games. If I didn't have to be human in a game, I wouldn't. But I don't think it really sunk in till I found the clean artwork and fursuiting around 2000 - 2001ish. Its hard to pinpoint. But I kept it secret till about 2 years ago when I just started dropping the news on close friends. Most were cool about it, one freaked out and took a while to calm down. I stopped telling people unless they were already in the fandom or mentioned they were cool with it in another conversation. I think most here can understand, for professional reasons, why you don't just tell everyone about it yet.


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I'm still going through denial. Though I just bought a tail, so I think that makes it official. dammit.

2 years on FA, 2 weeks via tail.