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How long do you sleep for?


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Just wondering what the average was. I need to get up by 7 in the morning so i go to bed at 12, i still feel like dying from when i wake up untill the late afternoon. I want to go to bed later though so i have more time at home, whats the least amount of hours thats still healthy for you?

How's every one elses sleeping habits?


oh man, mine are so fucked up I don't even know. Some days I go to bed at 3am to wake up at 8am, other days I just sleep the entire morning away.


When everything's normal I sleep about 6 hours a day. Whenever my sleeping pattern's messed up (like right now) I can sleep anywhere from never to 18 hours a day.


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I think 8 hours is the recommended amount of sleep. I get about 6-7 as I've got to be up early for work most days. A lot of the time those 6-7 hours I do get are pretty shitty though, waking up in the middle of the night or only being half asleep. Luckily there is a cure for lack of sleep. It's called coffee. and I get all the freshly ground espresso I can drink without having a heart attack at work for free.


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It depends on the month.

Right now I go to sleep between 12am-1am and wake up at around 7am.

Next month I am going to have to go to sleep around 11pm and wake up at 6am. Early morning work is going to be fun.


My sleep pattern is fucked most of the time. Sometimes on weekends I don't even sleep, but then on some others I drop at like 9pm. I have to be awake at 7:30am for school on weekdays.


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If I need to wake up early (usually around 7), then I'll go to bed at around 11:30. If I have nothing to do the next day, it's go to sleep a little after 2 am and wake up a little after noon.


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In the summer months I usuallu have a pattern of not sleeping one night, then sleeping for 12 or more hours the next.
When I have stuff I actually have to do I go 11pm-5:30am though.


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i am a lifelong insomniac

no matter the time i attempt to go to bed, i have difficulty falling asleep, and wake up frequently. when you hammer it all out, i get maybe 4 hours of sleep a night

lately i have been having anxiety issues, and i get even less. in the past 4 days i might have slept 12 hours all told

i am very tired all the time


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My sleep abilities change all the time.

Recently I've been constantly waking up ugh

Though I've had many many many nights where I just don't sleep at all.


I go to bed around 0900 and wake up at 1700, so I get about 8 hours when I work normal shifts. Last week I worked 80 hours so I only got about 3 hours a day :/


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Either too long, or not long enough.

I'm currently attempting to stay awake past 24 hours to reboot my sleep schedule.


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I go to bed around 0900 and wake up at 1700, so I get about 8 hours when I work normal shifts. Last week I worked 80 hours so I only got about 3 hours a day :/
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All over the place, on work days 3-5 hours usually, on days off 6-10.


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I find myself going to sleep around 1:00 AM, waking up a lot in the night, and then waking up at 7:40ish.

I've gotten used to this by now.


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I think I've been averaging around 6 or 7 hours this summer. I actually had to set an alarm clock for the weekdays because I would sometimes wake up at noon.

During the school year it would vary a little depending on how much work I had to do and how long I had been putting it off :u But typically I'd go to bed around 10:30-11pm and wake up at 5am.

I usually sleep pretty well


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When I have work in the morning... I try to go to bed at midnight so I can get 8 hours. But sometimes I am watching/reading something interesting and don't go to bed until 1am or 2am, but no later than that. On the days that I don't have work, sometimes I will stay up until 3am... but I still (annoyingly) wake up early, so on those days I sometimes take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.


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