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How long do you sleep for?


I am chronically tired during the day and my brain fires on all cylinders at night when no one else is awake.

I spend long periods of time without sleep as a result.

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Since it is summer I stay up to around 4-5am daily, and sleep to around noon-1pm.
Schooldays it is 2-3am to 6am.

This society is not built for nocturnal people >:C


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On holiday, anywhere from 1-2am to 10-11am.

I would sleep in, but I'd gradually mess up my sleep schedule because I'd keep going to bed later and later.

During school days, I'd sleep from 9-10 to 5-6.
I'd like to get more sleep but according to my classmates who fall asleep at midnight or later and wake up at like 7 they would dream of being able to sleep as much as I do.

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Depends on my mood. There are some days where I can pull off 2 hours of sleep (oh God) and other times where I'm out for 18 hours. I have sleep apnea, and before I got that treated I slept a solid 14+ hours per day.


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During the school year, I usually sleep from between 10pm-12am until 6am.
Right now, my sleep schedule is completely f*cked, with me staying up until between 6am-noon and sleeping until 5pm-7pm, although it varies wildy, especially as I have been trying to fix it.

Going to try to stay up until 10pm from now to fix it. :D


Oh, there are also days like today, where my body decides to wake up after 1-5 hours of sleep and not want to get any more sleep.


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I have always had trouble getting to sleep but only during the school year... when I need it the most. So yeah I usually only get like 4-5 hours a night. The only thing is I think I have been sleeping like this for so long that I have somehow adapted to it. :p


Generally I go to sleep around 9:30-10:30, then I wake up around 6:30-7:30. No matter what I do this is always the general time, which makes staying up late almost impossible.


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10:30 to 7:00 on weekdays, though I never sleep the full night through because my cats are devils.

Usually get around ten hours a night on the weekends, or I try to.

I need a shitload of sleep to function because I suck at life.


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Seven or eight hours max, sometimes I just wake up and I won't go back to sleep.

Yay me.


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From 11-12:30 until 8:30-10:30. My waking time depends on how empty my stomach is, if I wake up ravenous first thing in the morning I can't relax.


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I usually get 6-7 hours. I go to bed around 3 and wake up around 10 because I've got nothing better to do. I then proceed to lay in bed and ponder what the hell it is I'm going to do that day. My best ideas come at night and in the morning.


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10:00pm to 6:00am, a healthy 8 hours. I'm not a morning person though.