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How long do you sleep for?


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As long as I can. Realistically, 3-5 hours on work days, 5-10 on days off.


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6 hours at most. Bad habits of late nights/early mornings has ingrained a bad sleeping pattern on me.


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Managed about 5 hours and that was good considering the amount of pain
I've had since my operation.


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After reading through this, I have come to the conclusion that I sleep in for too damned long.

9 hours is my usual. lol


Depends on the day. Sometimes (Clinical rotation) I won't sleep for up to 48 hours. If I crash and burn, I have about 8 hours. Otherwise between 3-5 hours.

Jean Kirstein

Like, 2 minutes, and for some reason I hate sleep so I like it that way.

Red Savarin

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Anywhere from 2-8 hours. No matter what, I always wake up feeling like I got a good night's sleep unless I sleep over 8 hours, then I feel like total shit.


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2 hours of sleep can keep me alert for roughly 14 hours. Anything beyond 6 hours of sleep will just make me tired and cranky.

But as for a "good night's sleep" or what have you, sleep for at least 7 hours. Don't listen to me about sleeping though, I don't normally sleep.


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Funny, because I can't function properly unless I get more than 8 hours of sleep.... Perhaps I am just lazy.


Depends on the day. Sometimes (Clinical rotation) I won't sleep for up to 48 hours. If I crash and burn, I have about 8 hours. Otherwise between 3-5 hours.

I could never do this, I have trouble staying focused after a simple 12 hours, unless I'm gaming, then extend it to 15 hours


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It doesn't matter when I go to bed, I:

A. Won't wake up in time for school

B. Will always wake up at 2 PM. No exceptions.
I genuinely want to discuss sleeping patterns... but... this thread is a necro :/

I'm actually kind of proud of my sleeping habits lol. I love sleep. I usually succeed in getting 8-9 hours a night.


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6 hours or so. Weirdly, even when I have the time and I'm pretty exhausted, I still tend to wake up after 6 hours.


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Suid... seriously start looking at the dates, this is the 3rd thread I've seen you necro in less than two days xD

though... usually 8 to about 18. I've slept for 25 hours once too, but not in one go, just sleep and wake up for an hour to look at the clock and then go back to sleep.
If I work early i'm terrified of oversleeping so then I get 1-3 hours.


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Super Necro but an actually slightly different from typical thread.

Varies. My ideal sleep pattern is 12am-7am and I tend to work well on 7 hours. I can function on 4 a night for a week or so. Catch up sleep will be 9-12 hours.

Caffeine has 0 effect on my sleep pattern. Just an interesting side note.