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How long do you sleep for?


Super Necro but an actually slightly different from typical thread.

You really hate necros, eh? Haha

I typically sleep for about 4 hours between the hours of 7pm and 3am.


My sleep is weird, for a long time I was sleeping for 10-12 hours a day really, I work 11pm-7am so I'll sleep during the day which I find more comforting than sleeping at night honestly. But now my sleep has become more broken, I always sleep on my breaks at work, passing right out until I hear my alarm and go back, or sleep at home for like 3 hours, wake up for 2-3 then go back to bed.


The Mad Katter
I've always been more nocturnal myself, sleeping between 2am to 10-12pm. I had dropped out of highschool as well and lost jobs because of my abnormal sleep patterns. I don't think I'll ever be a "morning person". I'm a morning cook "again" right now and I hate it because I have to try to force myself to be asleep at 9 pmish, Then most nights I just lay there with my mind super active, trying to get to sleep but can't cause I feel I need to be awake for some reason.

Thankfully the small restaurant I work at will be opening for evening shifts for the spring/summer so I have that to look forward to for now. Waking at 6am is just not cool for me.


anywhere between 4 and 9 hours, depending on how motivated i am to get out of bed. it's been leaning toward the latter lately, which is not good at all. i'm trying to cut down in order to fix my schedule, but it's proving nearly impossible for me. can't get to bed at a fair time, can't get up when i wake up and just end up falling back asleep. fml


Mr. Prickles
Whenever I get to sleep is when I sleep.

I'll wake up as soon as the sun hits my eyes or a crazy person knocks on my car window. Either/Or.


Lost in the Static
I need my 8 hours, and I get them one way or another, whether it is all at once, or if I nap to catch that 8th hour.


GTWT Survivor
It depends. Lately on week days, I've gotten about 3 hours because I can't fall asleep. Then on the weekend I get like... 12. It's more than a little annoying.


On shift, about 5 hours, up at 4:30am for 9 days... sleep debt is real.

Off, depends on the drinking.

Dr. Franken-Fox

"it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!"
Oh man don't get me started!!

My college timetable is somewhat erratic, I go in three days a week but those three days are spaced out so between each day in college I have a day off. What this leads to is me getting up early for college and then lying in the next day to catch up on sleep, but in doing that I end up not being able to sleep until later and therefore I'm tired the next day I go into college and I sleep in the following night and the cycle repeats itself.

As it stands, on a school night I sleep between 5 and 6.5 hours, on a night when I get to have a lie in it can be anything from 7 to 11 hours depending on how much I slept the previous night.

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
I sleep way too long but at the same time I really don't care.
Then I can stay up for hours on end,often well into the next day before I finally need sleep.


Hare Boi
Normally 12 hours, if I'm extra tired 24 hours.

It's a little screwy. I have a hard time getting to sleep usually too, but alcohol makes me sleepy.


Sunday & on weekdays (except Friday): 3-6 hours
Friday: 8-12 hours
Saturday: 8-10 hours
This is all dependent on the amount of work I do each day. More work = More hours
If I sleep very little, it's because I game late into the night.

Vacation: I really do not care.

Boolean Sleep_is_for_the_Weak = True;