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How long have you had your character/fursona?


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Foxes has cooties though
Everyone has cooties. :roll:

Normal colors. Like brown or gray. All those weird colored animals just seem like ways to get more attention than the rest. Example: My periwinkle fox is so unique! Theres no others out there like me.
Oh! Okay.


Well there you go! That's your fursona. A gray and brown ferret.

Kit H. Ruppell

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A little longer than I've been registered on FA.


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Everyone has cooties. :roll:

Oh! Okay.


Well there you go! That's your fursona. A gray and brown ferret.

Damn you! You tricked me. I will not forget this...


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I keep on changing mine. Once upon a time I had an ocelot and before that, a mouse. I still haven't settled on one, but for some reason I hate the idea of having more than one.


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I've always had a character to represent myself since before coming to the fandom, though he hasn't always been furry. I like to bounce him between human and anthro, it keeps things interesting. I'd say it's coming up close to 8 years now.


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Little over a year, I only made him a few days before I joined.

And he hasn't changed yet.


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Since I was born. Though, when I first showed up in the furry community, I said I was a white tiger with long hair, but it wasn't really me even though I do shape shift. I'm Just a black and white were-feline. Used to have long hair, but I cut it. *shrugs*

Van Ishikawa

Had Van for 4 years.

2 years as brooding warrior poet wizard assasin, 2 years as super genius scientist, and .5 years of actually being somewhat interesting.


Over a year and a half ago. :p
Very, very little has changed.


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I've had the character name and some ideas since 8th grade, 10 years ago, when i first took a shot at writing but several changes and such took place over the course of that time making my fursona what it is now. one of these days I'll post his details and the storyline behind him.


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Around 5 years now, though he keeps getting minor tweaks and changes every now and then.

Kellie Gator

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This latest unfinished caiman fursona of mine is something I've had for a couple of months or a year by now. I've had two fursonas before that, a fox and a dragon... yeah, it's no wonder I changed. :[

Verin Asper

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5 years at the start of joining this fandom on the outskirts :V
2 years for the rest of my chars


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I created my fursona in 2003 at the age of 13. And she has just been a character i relate with and have'nt stopped drawing since i made her. She is.. a Bunny fox.. tho.. in her first 2 months of existence she was a fox.. but i drew her with long ears once and she just.. became a bunnyfox. I just enjoy her overall look.. her personality.. she's SOMEWHAT unique... at least i'm not like every other wolf/fox furry. :/ But.. Shukie is my shukie xD And i am happy with her o_O