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How many friends have you got?


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About 20 friends, one of whom I consider a close friend (and that's a first in my life!). Against all odds though, he knows slightly less about me than another person I still consider a mere acquaintance (but it's amazing how this person and I think alike, and we've both went through very similar ordeals so we both opened to each other completely and instantly).

Add an equal amount of acquaintances (basically, people I'm on friendly temrs with but don't hang out with, ever). I had about 30 more of those before but I lost contact after high school. Don't really miss them honestly, because all my friends got to follow me in the same "college" except like 2 or 3, and we actually all got much closer since then. Awesomeness.

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about 12 close frends and we got each others back we will fight and die for each other

but realy i try and make friends with every one well'p il put it this way i got very fue
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Close friends I hang out with all the time:
School: 11
Youth club: 12
Other: 10

Friends I don't hang out with all too often:
School: about 5 or 6
Youth club: about 5 or 6 also
Other: 10

People who know of me or hate me:
My whole year. Think I'm weird and/or a freak because I wore my tail in once and so became the famed weirdo of the year.
Most of the year below me, most of my brother's year. So thats about 300 people.


16 or so close frends. only like 10 people in my school don't like me, so I have alot of semi frends.


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I have a few really good close friends and then a bunch of people that I talk to alot but don't hang out with.

I think its best to only have a smaller group of close friends. You only have so much time to commit, and if you have too many then you suddenly have just a whole lot of not so great friends.
Seems that as the years go by I get access to better drugs but lose the patience to deal with anyone to do them with.

IRL I have a best friend, and a boyfriend, and my boyfriend's friends, and a group of furries I see a couple times a year (cons excluded) and I have the furries I only see at cons. I had friends but I've never been a "hangin' out" kind of girl, my weekdays are spent working or in the garden and my weekends are spent with the unlucky few.


I have a close circle of friends of about 7 to 8 and I have a countless number of acquaintances


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1 very close, super good one, about a dozen friends, and then a spy network.


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Two or three good friends and a couple of 'normal' friends.


I've got three truely close friends and a group of around ten I usually hang out with. As for acquaintances, it's a decent number; too large to bother to count.


1 close friend. 2 acquaintances. Yep.

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That I actually like to talk to? 2. And one is my partner, so she may not count. xD

But general good buddies but not close...hmm. 11 or 12, there abouts. A few of those I see on a regular basis, I just haven't known long enough to call close friends (new neighbors - which is weird. I've never lived anywhere like a neighborhood before)

If you count my animals - ha - that would 7 or 8, at my house and my parents. xD But I'm pretty sure that goes toward the "what a furry loser"
I have 2 maybe 3 close friends. I have alot of friends I see every once in a while, but we really don't see each other much. Then I have friends I made in college. Miss them the most. :(


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None, im the outcast of society in my town, plus its a dicking town where i live, 2 its a fucking Border town where people change instantaneous for the good or bad or WORST, and everyones a dick here, it almost feels like i wasnt raised at all here but i was,

But yeah i came from a long ago era in fact part of my life was raised across the border so it explains some things as to why i dont have any friends, 3 its hard to make new one with newer generations taking over and i feel like a total stranger now.

4 All my friends or at least what i remember people that i talk to and still saw them during my years in school are either dead or moved away, but when it comes deep down they werent my real friends because if they really wanted to hear of me again they try any means to find me altho i can name some of the closest people i had that were friends of me back then.

Gregg: i knew him when i flunk 4th grade and didnt passed so he was a year younger but real cool guy i saw him 3 years later and he was really cute and seemed to be so open about my new lifestyle and i really liked him but didnt spent much time with me but it was mostly during school that we were good chums.

Jesus(weird name he had for what he was) He was the one that i had my first crush on and the one that made me like MEN <3 god for a nine year old he was so hot at that time and at that that early age i had too i was already dreaming of sex before 10 hahahaha i was such a horn dog me and him were just friends we talked here and there at school and sometimes walked with him from school he lived closer but oh well, i saw him 2 years later in 5th grade but by that time he changed and was more mean mainly because he became such an ass when he found out i was gay i suppose he was weak deep down to side with me or think on his own but he sided with the asshoes so he wouldnt be bullied >> alas he disappeared.

George: I knew him from actual 4th grade to 5th and 6th he was a cool guy not that cute to have a crush on but yeah we talked more and we were good chums, he gave me rides from school to my house on several occasions, and saw him at the mall but yeah our friendship was just socially >> alas he disappeared too.

I knew more but that was only from 1st to 5th grade several different friends but their names are non importance since i wasnt so closed as the ones i list here.

There is one however

Met him in 8th Grade and i gotta say for just been a year and a half there it lasted really really long felt like years with this guy.

Marcos: Damn he topped off all i guess since i was 14 and going through that phase it was what added so much spice to my friendship with this guy, he was the only one that i ever gotten that close to sex XP but at the end our chance was destroyed by distance when i never saw him again and assumed he moved which he did and now hes probably spoiled and wasted to get in touch with again but he was the awesomest guy ever I met him during PE and well i was such a perv checking the boys out XP everyone knew i was gay cuz i couldnt keep my hands to myself, and Marcos was a big guy even tho i was his same height he never bullied me he just picked on the weaker shrimp which one of them was this other kid i tried bullying too by just touching him XP hahaha and Marcos would laugh, at the end i wanted to ask him if he wanted to be my BF but sadly thats where i was expelled for touching a 13 year old i was fucking 15 or turned verly and i was already marked like a sex pervert XD fucking dicking band Teacher was a pedophile too so i ratted him out by anonymous notes and he got fired and arrested too hahahahaha! at the end ive never heard of Marcos, last time i saw him was in Mexico weird for a cute white boy to live there in the ghetto but i suppose he came from a mixed heritage but damn he had a fine engorged ass but i suppose if he wanted to he could of gone inside the van and made out with me but he didnt so it ment he wasnt much into me but oh well.

Alas my other friends or Girl friends were Lisa from 5th grade i saw her again later on when she was 14 she used to be so immature during school but later on she changed and was a good friend for a while then Bellen she was an ugly monkey bitch but at the end she changed too or at least her attitude and it looked like she had a crush on me hahhahaha to bad bitch i wish i could of yelled at her IM GAY! lol.

And thats my story...or well didnt need to throw the history channel on me but well its just the reason why i have no one anymore...everybody moved on but me...cuz im ghetto bred.


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IRL, I have only about 1-2 close friend...close enough to bare my heart to.
but if it's ordinary friends, I said I have so many I couldn't counts.


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I've got three close friends that I see often. ... and probably about fifteen "other friends." ... and then a whole bunch of casual acquaintances.


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Umm... Friends?...


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Oh I am everybodies friend. Honestly though I do have a lot of friends, at least 30 off the top of my head. Out of those thirty about 8 would be considered close friends and out of that 8 only 4 know that I am a fur. I know it is like a pyramid scheme. You too can make 50,000 dollars just from working at home! XP