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How Many Fursonas?


I know this may seem like old news to veteran Furries, but I want to ask it here more for new furries.

How many fursonas can someone have? Should there be a limit? Why (not?)

Putting a limit on the number of fursonas would serve no purpose whatsoever.

I mean, I have like twenty-odd fursonas.


Of course no limits, but I could never be anything but my one and only fursona. Not to say I wouldn't, I just really dont see it happening.


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I only have one, but I also have a slew of characters to go with it.

And, really, I can't think of any reason to put a limit on it. Besides it being impossible to enforce, it comes off on me as somebody trying to limit creativity.


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I have loads of animal based characters, but I will only ever have one fursona, I don't care if other people have sixty fursonas. xD It's their choice.


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I have one fursona for now but I know deep inside me there's another one I just havent discovered it yet. and It's cute to see My soon to be bf and mine's spirit playing with eachother


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Just one for me. Unless I'm playing D&D, I'm not into RPing. And even when I do play D&D, none of the characters I create are really "me." Quite the contrary, their personalities are often quite different than my own.

That's not the case with Telnac.


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Yeah, I only have one fursona personally...I never really grasped why one person would need more than one at any one time (I can kind of understand personalities and tastes changing with time, but at once?) unless they had MPD or something. x'D


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Well i could only say is that theres no limit in making fursonas. I know some fur who has like 3 or more fursonas. (Who even said there was a limit?)


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I just have the one fursona (not a fan of the word myself though... lol)

However I do have a quite a few "masks" that I will wear depending on my mood. Lapin is pretty much me, but I'll play a bit part as something else if necessary.



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There are days I suspect 1 is far, far too many. I have 2 active ones -- Alex and Spunky. Then there's Mr. Evil, who's not actually developed, but makes his annoying little presence known at all the wrong times... :)

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Technically, I only have one true fursona, that being my dragon character Draconius Tarsai Draken, aka Captain Spyro. However, I have a large fic-verse that I created through years of RP and influence, and as a result, I have a larger roster of characters to go with the Captain.

Darwin Arcticus
Flia Galeron
Blue Fox of Faith
Tileena Alkai
Chesna Tre'shira
Kilas Dante
And many others.

Neither one of these characters are a fursona or sub-fursona, but I use them depending on the plotline my fellow RPer from Pennsylvania and I decide to go with. Half the time, it's random shit or we actually follow serious ideas.

I've contemplated creating a sub-fursona though, but more than likely, it'll be separate from my DragonStar fic-verse.


I have one that I identify with, but I am in the process of making a Sangheili character, so I guess I have two.