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How many Gigabytes of Furry art?

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I think maybe 1Gb or little less
How the hell do you get 13Gb of good furry art?


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I fave a whole bunch of shit on FA, and downloading all the faves is a good way to build up my collection.


For furry art, 0 bytes, but I have some untold amounts of other stuff (mostly my own photographs and astronomy pictures).


I think I got about 1 gigabyte of art.


0. The day I find quality furry art is the day I download it. :v


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>100 MB .. All wallpapers.
Got 6GB of wallpapers, for a more random shuffle!
Can't find much furry WPs .. so that's the reason whole reason why it's so low


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Why download when you have the interwebs! I wanna see furry art I just hit the browse button on FA. bam. Hard drive happy. Actually it's 528MB, but that's all stuff I've drawn. That includes multiple versions and formats of each image though, all organized by date.


Not gonna count it up 'cause I don't separate it from other pictures, but probably only a few MB. I don't really save furry art unless I drew it or it was drawn for me, and I'm not very active in any art communities so neither of those happen very often.

FA and DA are the only places I ever look at furry art, and if I see something I like, I just fave it, not save it.
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I have about 2gb of furry stuff on my hdd, but I know a guy with around 80gb or more. Most likely more by now.