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How many interested in the fandom own a suit?

Do you fursuit?

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 23.5%
  • No

    Votes: 52 76.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
I have to collect a poll for my statistics final and compare it to the average statistic (which I have already gotten from a poll collected at anthrocon) so I am conducting it here, answer away. I love doing my projects on fursuiting :)
Agh, I'd love to answer "Yes", but i can't for another couple of months xD work in progress lol (just started it and im buying materials as I go along so I cant just make it all in one xD). Do you fursuit?


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I'm ridiculous and impulsive, and I clicked "yes." Ignore one of the yes votes and put into no or something.
I want to suit, but it's expensive, and I'm young.
I don't have one and probably never will. I couldn't stand being inside a sweltering hot suit that covers you from head-to-toe (unless it's a partial of course), plus it's expensive.

Batty Krueger

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If you take proper precautions it doesn't get terribly hot. I've never had a problem, I'll see what happens in Reno next month. That hotel better be ice cold!


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There should be an option: "Not currently but will in the future"

That would give you a more accurate sample of those who don't currently fursuit due to lack of finances and such to afford a suit, but still have an interest.

As for me, I plan to suit eventually, but haven't the finances to do so. My GF has a tail and ears.


Vere Adeptus
I have some cheapo suits (off the rack from mascot companies) but I plan to commission Qarrezel for a dragon suit when I'm in grad school (1/2 years from now). Now all there's left to to is find out how I can make excuses to wear the thing a lot when I get it. Amateur videos perhaps? I want to get my money's worth out of it. I'll be too busy to really fly all over the place and go to every con, so, yeah, when do you guys fursuit, if you own one? Any suggestions on what to do with a realistic suit (doing stuff for the kiddies is kinda gone, since it'd probably scare them)?


Yeah the poll doesn't really differentiate between partial and full.

I don't own either.


you need to put a slot in for yes in the future because mine is in the building stage atm. but had to click no cuz i dont have it yet


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Not right now... I am looking into getting a partial sooner or later, but at the moment there is nada en mi casa


Cat Nipz
Probably going to commission mine after summer and I have enough cash. And I agree, there should be a "Maybe/yes in the future" option. Can't wait =D!


drunken pirate
i don't but i really want one. however i see no point in forking out for a cheaply made poor quality suit


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I'm with grunnolf, I've commissioned one and it's in the works but I won't actually have it for a few months yet. There should have been a few more options, like "Yes- I have a fullsuit", "Yes - I have a partial" and so on. Straight up yes or no doesn't quite work here.