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How many layers?



Heyo guys,

I´ve decided to ask you on how many layers your art pieces have?
Just curious.

I use between 25-45 layers depending on how complex the piece is.


Depends on the kind of art I'm doing / how many colours
If I am doing just a basic sketchier art it would be somewhere around 4-5 layers (first sketch, sketchy outlines, colour, and maybe shading)
But if I'm doing a cleaner drawing with shading there can be a lot of layers because I do each colour on its own layer and they also have their own separate shading layers, so it can end up being a lot of layers then.
Also my painting-like pieces have less layers


How on earth are you using 45? x3
My lastest drawing had like nearly 45.

Sketches and lineart
Clothing and the like patterns on it, shading and stuff.
Then the eyes which always end up having 10 layers cause I add alot of stuff.
Skin or fur , layers for markings and additional colours.
Then a layer for hair too.
And alot more lel.

Munch D. Terelli

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All on one layer baby!

I usually save a copy of my sketch as a separate layer (if I remember to) and may start a part I'm not certain about by making a new layer and painting over, but I'll combine it down as soon as I know what I'm doing is going to work. My main digital output is paintings though, so I don't tend to have formalized lineart.


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uuuh, i think i do like 10 usually!! i do a new layer for almost every new color for some reason?? idk why its just instinct dksfjkdhgdsjg


Usually 2 since I'm quite lazy and tbh, regardless of how much cosmetics I attempt squeezing onto each and everyone of my pieces, they simply won't ever look great. Since you can't cook talent as a last resort towards improvement, mine for art will always remain essentially raw.


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Even though my art is simple, I tend to have around 20 layers for transparent art and up to 60-70 with scenery backgrounds. I usually have the reference image, four sketches, lines, color, four shading layers, six eye coloring layers, and some misc layers. Backgrounds vary immensely.


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From 15 to 30 depending on complexity of the piece... But only about one-third of them are actual "working layers", the rest are sort of backups in case I make something wrong, or 3D-specific auxiliary bits & odds.


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The more, the better. <3 It works best for me. It depends on how complex an image is, for small ones I need like 20 - 25 layers. I also merge them a lot, but in the end, yeah, up to 25 for small ones. I can draw with only 4 layers (sketch, proper lines, flat colors & effects), but it limits my possibilities in some scenarios and it takes a lot more unnecessary effort and time.


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Depending on limb variations and glowing effects and stuff anything between 3 and 24 on a good day, though im using autodesk, so I suppose this kind of thing can fluxuate depending on your chosen media!


I'm usually in your range. I use separate layers for everything.
More detailed pieces have more layers because I'm horribly indecisive and constantly worry 'oh what if I need to FIX something?'

I use folders to categorize the line work, and then I'll break more folders into the characters and all their 'pieces'. Like fur, hair, eyes, shirt, skirt, nose, etc.
And then those folders all have layers for the base color, the shading, and the effects.

My furry artwork is really simplistic and bland, but my personal work for my old webcomic and stuff was pretty detailed.