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How many (main) fursonas have you had in your life ?


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I feel like I switch main sonas too much tbh
I've been in the fandom since I was 11 and now I'm 17

My timeline of my main fursonas:
9-12: Swift,an androgynous white cat with blue stripes and odd eyes,always wore a scarf (I had a fursona since I was 9 but I didn't know what a furry was till I was 11)
13: Xena,a female emo wolf,with black,purple,red and green (decided to switch it up,oh god what was I doing)
13: Ashe a,non-binary dog of an unspecified breed,who was gray and white (which apparently was a cat for awhile till I redesigned them and they were a dog again)
14: Jack,a male brown and white lundehund
15: Jake,a male brown and white pitbull
16-17 :Finn,a male gray-brown and white manx
17: Russell,a male brown serval
17-future: Cedar,a male brown and cream opossum (seen in my icon)

I've had sooo many other fursonas but these were the mains

You can post your fursona timeline too,if you want
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Constance is the only fursona I've ever had. I had several other ideas before developing her, but it's been so long that I don't even remember them anymore.

There have been times where I've been a little envious of other people's fursonas. Mainly when they were very beautiful, original or just very popular. It has often been petite or innocent characters. Things that Constance simply isn't. It hasn't made me change, though, as Constance is simply my favorite anthro character. Flaws and all.


Only the one fursona.

<- this guy here.

Happy to play other parts, but to me it’s just BackPaw playing dress up.

You should see his dog impression. It’s beautiful, like King Lear at the RSC.


I've had too many.. (although, I didn't technically know what a "fursona" was as I wasn't in the fandom for most of these. However, I did say they were my "animal alter ego" so I would say that yes, they're fursonas lol)

Altoro- Male, white schnauzer with blue eyes

Robbie- a lovely male raccoon. I liked this one a lot, and have been considering whether to make an OC out of him or not

Akiak- female wolf. She was a sona for a loooong time

Jazer- female mutt

Calvin (current)- male gray wolf


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✧・Oh man, I've had a few! First was like, a green wolf with black markings that could turn into a black wolf with red markings (back when I was super edgy lol, their name was Teiara), & then for a short time I had a koala (Tobi), then a cow (Olli), a sheep (Unnamed), & finally, Sugar the Fennec Fox !!・✧


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Cukier the Schnauzer was first, then there was Lucy. Now it's my current, fluffy Skakuna the Pargia ^^


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I’ve only had 2 main ocs throughout 6 years of being a furry

2012-2015 Nightmare, female-an all black wolf with long hair that has red tips
2015 -now Milo, female- a creamy yellow Virginia Opossum


Nico Acatilla the “Blue”tailed Deer
current fursonas:
FANG- an outgoing and laid-back unknown subspecies of wolf
Xannus- a grumpy, antisocial striped hyena with tentacles (tentayena)

past fursonas:
Mandie- a Naruto/Lion King crossover character that an ex made for me
Chase- an openly gay coywolf
Joanie- a punk rock wolf who played bass in a band

I’ve had 1 in the past, that I still use and another one


Okami, of course. But I would like a deer fursona and a squirrel. Future developments.


ive only recently just joined the fandom maybe a month-ish ago? but i've had 3, my first one was this blue dog/wolf thing? it was made as a piss take because my friend was mocking me and jokingly calling me a furry and made a "fursona" based on me? as said it was a piss take, nothing serious, then we have damien, my panda which is my icon, and then we have a horned fox i just designed but havent named, so my only genuine MAIN fursona is my panda

Ryan the Rockruff

Daniel the wolf
I only have one fursona and one Pokesona. Daniel, my wolf fursona, and Ryan, my Rockruff Pokesona. I'm working on a new rat fursona, which will hopefully be made someday. ;w;


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---2006-2011 : Sweet Pea the Malamute, a lovable but mouthy Malamute

---20011-2018: Simo, a mischievous southern skunk
...and sometime in 2015: A Fossa, simply named Fossa, as a secondary Fursona. A bit bossy and territorial, though not too smart.


2007-2011: horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible...
2011-2014: a good fursona that i still love, kind of a cat but also not a cat, not the most unique but has his own charm. a sweet boy who is timid and caring.
2015-2016: absolutely disgusting. vile. we don't talk about this one. a horrible amalgamation of the previous and next fursonas. a prototype of sorts. trying to be tough and edgy but failing miserably for thats not who i ever was.
2017-present: the good and holy fursona; the purest, the only good fursona I have ever had. actually is perfection. everyone loves him and wants to yiff him, but he doesnt yiff with just anyone, he has standards.