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How many (main) fursonas have you had in your life ?

Lyka Snowfield

Gentlefur At Your Service
Only one as my main fursona but I also started to create a couple more chars for my own little universe this year.


3D Character Artist
OCs I have a lot because of my projects and stories but fursonas/alteregos I've never had that much.

Before 8: I didn't know what a fursona was back then but my first one was a mary-sue pegacorn with blue stripes and rainbow-colored mane.
8: Gary-stu, again, as a child I violently wanted all my characters to be the best ever. It was a black wolf who had all the magical powers I could imagine.
11: Spirit, my first real fursona (when I actually knew the meaning of the word) finally wasn't a perfect character, it was a white wolf with a purple halo. She's got wings later and some dark grey patterns but basicly stayed the same and was my fursona for a very long time.
13: It was the time when making a demon side of your characters was a huge and higly popular thing. Of course, I made one for Spirit, so I had a second fursona, too. It only lasted for a year and a half I think and It was very edgy... Also, this was the time when I created my new OC who eventually became my next fursona.
16: I think I was 16 when it happened but I remember it was a very slow transition between Spirit and my current fursona, Wander. I just started drawing more Wander and less Spirit. Wander's also my first non-feral character, he's a semi-feral mouse.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I have only had the one main since I started, unless you count the feral Red Fox I had in elementary school.
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I have my main sona, Nexus, and one other character I have recently created that I am still working on.

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Relaxed Nature-Often lost in thought

First I was a red Puma, then I was a black tiger with white stripes for almost ten years, then I recently became what I am today - I think almost a year ago I turned into my current fursona..


Late Healer Ferret
Actual main fursonas? Two. A feral fluffy brown and white winged cat named Fluffy and my current winged ferret LV.

I’ve had two ponysonas though. Tried to make a third but it never stuck.


My sona has definitely evolved with me as I as a person have grown, which makes sense when I made my first when I was 10 haha. I've only really had four sonas, though they've been tweaked lots until they were changed.

At 10-13 I had Kara, a grey wolf with a red scarf, pretty much nothing interesting in terms of design and had absolutely no characterbuilding. Eventually she developed into a blue and grey cat, minus the scarf but plus a collar with a button on it for some reason.

13-14 I had Aya, a nautical themed cat. I was super into wadanohara, so they were a sea wizard type thing, liked hoarding fallen stars which they found on the beach and had glass vials in their tail which had stars and water sloshing around in them. I don't really know where the last part came from haha.

14-now (18) I have Xanthe, the fella in my icon. A draconic cat, which I've actually bothered to develop species info for. Essentially, a dragon in cat's clothing, a species disguised so bigger dragons don't kill them over territory disputes.

Though, I have a secondary sona made last year, Cheren, a death's head cockroach who likes dressing in tacky rainbow stuff. He serves more as a mascot self-insert, for web projects I do about bugs. He's less important compared to Xanthe but captures my love for entomology and roaches perfectly.

Corran Orreaux

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First I had James, a red fox. Later on, I made Volrolo - who was a mountain goat. And finally, I have the current best boi Corran.


Resident Edgelord
Eh... about four. None of them stuck until I made Steele, but I did have Bane for a good while.

The first was Dwyn, a kangaroo-cat-deer who loved candy and had some hella emo bangs for being highlighter-bright blue and green. The second was Bane, a cat-deer hybrid with four eyes that was based off of a wolfsbane flower. The third was Cecil—who I kept, but no longer use as a sona, more as a character to roleplay with and draw for fun. He’s a jackalope and a mercenary who loves scotch and witty banter.

Steele is my current sona. I stopped with the strange and eccentric designs and tried to create a sona who came more naturally to me... and this one really stuck. They’re a blue-tailed monitor with a snarky attitude, a penchant for swearing, and a whole lotta energy drinks


New Member
For me, I've had about four to five fursonas over about a ten year period, each one for different time in my life during those years.

First, inspired by Megan Giles' gryphon/raptor hybrid creature or gryphtor.

Second would be a cute husky by the name of Azure Apollo (though he now goes by the name Azure Jones and is a character in a story I'm currently working on). seen here -> Error | SoFurry

Third was a wolf/raven demigod hybrid by the name of Shades Shadow. A rather dark time in my life. seen here -> Error | SoFurry

And now I have Ivory Nightway, simply a wolf with a demonic symbiotic creature residing in his body. Also the main character for a paranormal story I'm working on. Seen in my icon and here > Error | SoFurry

And I am currently working on a new one by the name of Ivory Spice. Another wolf with a different colouring going on. Very much a work in progress.


I've had a lot of them, and these are the ones I actually remember.

I've had Corey, a male collie cross.
I've had Cleo, who's been switched between being a husky, raccoon, arctic wolf, gray wolf and raccoon-wolf cross and has had many forms.
I've had Alaska, my first fursona. She was the cringiest thing ever...I think she was some sort of labrador and was a real mary sue.
I've also had Fleet, an arctic wolf.
I also have two possible fursona designs I might switch to, Artemis or Aimee.

I still use Cleo, who's a raccoon / arctic wolf cross and I use Corey and Alaska (redesigned) as characters (not exactly 'sonas, just characters in my OC worlds. I rarely use Fleet anymore as a character.
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Sam Akuchin Wamm

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just the one been with me since the 70's


I've only been Aki, but have gone through many redesigns since i was 10 before i was actually happy and original looking. now im 16 and my fursona looks much more original ^^


2010 - Ali, a blue harlequin Great Dane. When I first made them I didn't even know about the furry fandom and it was just for a journal I was drawing/writing about school. (And in that, I drew everyone as dogs).
2013 - KAT3915 which was kind of a joke fursona, they were this red and white dog-looking monster anthro thing with horns and four arms. I also first made Nyro this year, but I never considered Nyro to be a fursona at the time. (He was just my main character more). The design that KAT3915 got given to someone I used to be friends with. (Also "KAT3915" was just a shortened version of my old username, KniroAndTito3915. Kniro being Nyro, and Tito is an old character I don't use anymore).
2014 - Kat, a North American river otter I had for a few months . . . but I got rid of them because of some weird and bad experience. Well, I gave them to another old friend of mine.
Throughout the next year or so I basically just used Nyro as a "fursona" (he is a red, cyborg Amur leopard by the way) even though again, he never really was like a personal fursona, because he wasn't really based on me at all.
2016 - Alley, which was a redesign of the first one, Ali. Now, Alley was a Catahoula leopard dog. They were still blue merle but now with more white on the face and with brown markings as well. I kept Alley for the next few years, later they ended up being a Catahoula leopard dog / Beauceron cross.
2019 - Fern, my current fursona. They are a caracal/osprey hybrid, and honestly, I don't think they will be going anywhere anytime soon. I feel like Fern is the first fursona I've had that I actually like having as my fursona. I changed because I didn't feel like Alley really represented me well enough, or I didn't feel connected to them as a fursona. Alley still exists, but they are a character in a story I am working on. They are still somewhat based on me, but very loosely, and I don't consider them a fursona anymore. Fern doesn't belong to any specific universe either. I do also still have Nyro, in a way he is like a secondary fursona, but he is also a character in another story of mine. And I do still go by the name "Nyro" online.


What a weird coyote
2007: Lapiz- My very first fursona that I made during the "every OC is a winged wolf with face markings" craze of Deviant art. She was white with purple face markings, feather earrings, and of course had super powers.
2008-I started getting into goth fashion, created a purple wolf fursona complete with emo hair, batwing patterns on her back, a crap-ton of piercings, and checker patterns on her legs.
2009-Enter my full-blown goth phase in high school, My sona became a snow leopard wolf hybrid with a purple mohawk and leg warmers, she was also the first actually "furry" sona I had. All of the prior ones were feral characters. I don't remember her name, but I do have a picture of her.
2010-I started phasing out of the goth scene, my sona became a blonde werewolf with blue face markings.
2013-2016 I left the fandom for a while, but still drew a ton of non-furry art.
2017-current-I got dragged back in by the ankles and created my current fursona, Setareh who is featured in my icon here.
I feel like when I was really young, I had a new sona almost every year, so I don't remember all of them too clearly. I'd also make one then promptly decide I didn't like it, then make another.


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Two, Little Nuke is my main loongest one. The other recently new I can't tell anyone who it is or where to find me cause have a girl whos attacking me and reporting my commissions as "not for by me" But I can tell ya its the topic above this one.