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How many of you have plushies


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Hah, I've got tons.
My most recent is a Cloud Strife plushie, and my favourite a beanie husky.
My parents are trying to convince me to get rid of them. :<
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Lanceleoghauni said:
renaissancefan98 said:
And later i will probably do alterations on the tiger doll, like putting in a SPH.

lol, my mate has a few with those

And i will put the picture, when i figure out how to put the picture from my digital camera to the computer,because right now i figured out the pictbridge function on the printer.


A bunch of dragon statues and pewter and whatnot, but no plushies, they're too cute and fluffy for my taste.
I've got lots of plushies! I got rid of a lot of my stuffed animals several years ago, however I've recently started accumulating them. Currently I have 2 dogs, a tiger, a serval (which is probably actually a cheetah), and a sheep. I have a couple more at home (including a seahorse, a bunny, another dog, and a white whale of some sort) too. ^____^


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I had an $80 fox plush that I bought from Kosen Haus but it disappeared somewhere along a road trip from Virginia to Washington. I also have a dragon plush and a Nala plush from Lion King. I bought a Jenna plush that is a husky from the movie Balto. I also just recently got a Clifford the big red dog plush from my boyfriend. He has a few plushies himself. A husky plush, A VG Cats Leo plush, miles Prower, and a german shepherd plush.


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my parents made me get rid of all my old plushies :(. wish i had them back


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About all of us! I almost have a dozen squirrel plushies and still waiting for a meerkat one in the mail

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Adelio Altomar said:
Where would one find another otter plushie? And perhaps a kangaroo and raccoon one...


Not a big selection, but they have some.

As for myself, I have a lot. Dogs, wolves, foxes, and a couple of lions. I'm pretty much done collecting them though. Not that I don't have the money. I just don't have the room for 'em.


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I have a lot of them. The more realistic and exotic, the better. I don't like the teddy bear or cutesy stuff. Some of them are: a lynx, couple of wolves, a gryphon puppet (Folkmanis brand too, so you know it's awesome), a big black leopard, a loon (the bird), a peregrine falcon, and an otter I got at Monterey aquarium.


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The only real plushies I keep are pokemon ones. I also have a blue oni, Donkey Kong, Kurama (from Yuyu Hakusho), and Kaolla Su (from Love Hina) in a cat costume.


Over 6 plushies... :3
Two Kittens, one Lion, two Sonic chars and the cutest plushie - Reindeer Chopper from One Piece ) Maybe I can find more of them, I dunno X)


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There's 50 plushies or so in this house, but only ~8 in my room, three of which I sleep with. Because sleeping with plushies, not in the sexual way (you perv), is awesome. :D


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Ator said:
Over 6 plushies... :3
Two Kittens, one Lion, two Sonic chars and the cutest plushie - Reindeer Chopper from One Piece ) Maybe I can find more of them, I dunno X)

omg, where did you get Chopper from??


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Hm... a Ryo-ohki, a Ken-ohki, giant dog from the fair, the plushie companion cube comming in the mail (if that counts), along with a Ken-ohki hat and Lain bear (hat if that counts either). So I'd say I have 3-6 give or take.
I have a few plush toys, and one i actually sleep with cause its more comfey than a bodypillow

i have a platypus
several teddy bears in multiple colors
a orange and black furby
a rabbit or two
and a white tiger
and several popples
ummm.....and a wombat


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the ones closest to me are a huge aligator (about 60cm), a few frogs, a camel and a turle :D

@Arbiter, why would anyone want to throw plushies away just like that?! My parents keep telling me to keep em for the future, to give away to my own kids... (whenever that will be :p)

Oh yeah! I really love the companion cube, i want my own!


Well... from here I can see... 4 red foxes, a fennec, 5 smaller wolves, a red panda, a white tiger, a spotted leopard, a (glow in the dark) seal, a large easter rabbit from last year, and 6 small "hand size" plushes of miscellaneous species, and a larger cuddle able wolf


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sadly I dont have any animal plushies, I have a Satan plushie in my bed though xD



YESH.... I got a few . *cough* alot *cough*