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how many ways can you die?


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me and my buddy were talking about how many ways you can die so lets see how many we can name i'll start.

stabbed through the base of the scull.


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You know those cymbals on drum sets? Having one of those thrown as hard as possible right at your head.


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Falling from a high height.
Having something extremely heavy fall on you
Stabbed in vitals
Shot in vitals
Mauled by large mammal
Strangulated and swallowed by snake
Spine snapped like a twig by an elephant
Buried/cremated alive
Choking (EDIT: Mentioned by Aden while I was typing this >.<)
Ingesting something toxic
Kira (I had to)


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nameless_ermine said:
Choking (EDIT: Mentioned by Aden while I was typing this >.<)

All carrot suffocation is choking, but not all choking is carrot suffocation.

Edit: You know those cymbals on drum sets? Being crushed by a crane.


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I guess I just generalised it. Meh

Renton Whitetail

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Loss of a large amount of blood
Heart attack
Hit by a truck or train
Falling from the sky and the parachute doesn't open
Taking a large dosage of sleeping pills
Electric shock


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slow, agonizing death in a vat of acid


Is this just how any other poor fool can die, or how I can die? I can think of a number of horrible and plausible ways to die.

Drowning in your own vomit while in a drunken stupor.

Dying from internal bleeding due to a perforated colon. (*snicker*)

Plummeting to your death while basejumping due to a faulty parachute.

Killing yourself by firing a blank round from a handgun against your temple while goofing around with your friends. ("Hurr, hay guise watch this!")


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getting hiccups while sword-swallowing


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being cut in half from the waist up


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Explosive decompression from being ejected from an airlock.


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Not Leprosy.................................