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how many ways can you die?

Ty Vulpine

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Hit by a car (I almost was once)
Hit by a train (I almost was once)
mistake during surgery (happened to me once, nearly died)


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falling 40 feet into a raging waterfall (I almost did once, thank god for convenient rock formations)


nameless_ermine said:
Xipoid said:
Every method of death can be simplified into "object A is in the wrong place", so just let your imagination run wild.

How about malnutrition and dehydration fromspending all your waking life on the internet?

Object A can be called proper amount of nutrients, and the right place can be defined as "proper respective places within your body's organ and organ systems." (making the wrong place ~the right place)

Just add a few words and you have it.


Motorcycle/scooter Accident. I could have gotten run over if there was a car behind me, in sweden people tend to tailgate scooter riders.

Leaving a snickers bar in your tent in Yosemite and then having a bear come and maul you.

Exploding Lava Lamp, putting a lava lamp on the stove to heat it up faster then having it explode and tons of glass slicing you to bits.


Cherry Blossom
well since most of the ways a person can die have already been said here, I guess that I will list the many ways I can die in the next 10 minutes;
choking, drowings, glass to the face, pencil in the eye, computer exploding in my face, a car crashing into my wal crushing me, house catching fire, boiler exploding, roof colapsing, murdered, ravinis dog attacks, evil birds, tree falls on me, trophies fall on my head, spider bite, and heart attack.

I am not emo, goth or any of the sort, but I think of these things because they are possible.
And if you do not belive that I am not emo, or goth, then check out my gallery, it's nothing but happyness in that thing.


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HIV/AIDS complications


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you know, ive always believed in a theory of mine ever since i was young. "Anyone and everything in life can kill you". it sounds harsh but ive always believed that. hell, a cardboard box can kill you, so long as you improvise it and put spikes on it.


getting sodomized to death 0_0