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How many WoW Furs are there here?


The Autistic Otter
B-tag: Riftrider#1236
I play on Dentarg-US and I main a lvl 100 night elf hunter named Abyssalmerc (i'm actually one of the good ones lol), though obviously i've been playing my Demon hunter a lot too currently at 107...My other usual characters are a 92 worgen feral/guardian druid, and a 92 worgen protection warrior, as well as a 100 worgen demonology warlock. My guild is small, and lead by me, always looking for more people to join.
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Hah, I play on Dalaran too. 110 Havoc DH on Alliance. I also hang around Wyrmrest Accord-US from time to time.
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Single and lonely
I used to play WoW, but I have lost my interest in it. I have a Lvl 110 Worgen Destro Lock on Terenas, a 101 Belf Shadow Priest on Thrall, and a 104 Tauren Ele Shaman on Thrall.


The Ojifox
I play fairly often so feel free to add me if you wanna chat or maybe run something. Got a few 110's on durotan. Ojikori#1395 ((All 1394 previous ojikori's were purged for my glorious ascension mwuhahahahaha. No but really why add so many numbers to things there probably are only one of.)