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How much fur do I need for a partial?


A yard or two depending on how long the tail is and if your head has long ears. Get a bit more than you need, on the chance that you screw up somehow.


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I wouldn't use Walmart for buying faux fur if I was you. When you do buy your fur, go for a higher quality one.


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I have to agree with other people's sentiments but also go one step further. If you don't have a local source of good material you will end up having to order online. There is a list in the main area of this sub forum in the stickies that links you to various sites. This is the link: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threa...S-AND-TUTORIALS-A-LIST-FOR-NEW-FURSUIT-MAKERS

I highly suggest you take the time to look through it. Now if you are looking to not order too much excess pay attention the colors you need. For example, if you are doing a gray wolf with green highlights, you may want to go to a site that offers whole and half yards. Then you can order whole yards of the main colors, but also order half yards or less of the lessors/secondary/supplementary colors. If you are not sure if the color/material is to your desire look for the ability to order swatches. Some sites will give you up to a certain limit free swatch sets.

If you are not sure what low quality fur looks like, here is a few tips. Fur that has a stiff backing, or a backing that easily seperates with the slightest stress is poor quality material as per your purposes. You need material that has a backing that isn't offensive to the skin, will hold up to being stitched together, doesn't easily separate, but is flexible. For areas like arms and hands having material that as a bit of a stretch is always a plus.

The second thing to pay attention to is the quality of the synthetic hairs itself. For longer pile materials that you intend to shave down, they need to be dense enough and closely packed. As an example on this site: http://www.mendels.com/fur2.shtml the punkey muppet shaves well and is a good material. However scroll a bit down and you will see the shag. This stuff sparse, and the backing is poor. You cannot shave this down without exposing the backing. Furthermore eyelash fur is a big no no. It has a very poor backing and will not hold up well together.

Further-more when selecting furs pay attention to texture. For example, if you order the fox white, or fox black, you don't exactly want to pair it up with a seal fur, or a punky muppet. The texture difference throws the costume off.

Finally pay attention to the fur length itself. I see quite a few people attempt to use these shiny looking seal furs that has literally no actual fur pile length. The end result is usually full of unsightly seams, and the material itself often gives off a baggy look. Keep this in mind. Short short pile length = bad seams.
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