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How much fur do I need?


New Member
Hi there! I’m making a partial for myself, and I was wondering how much fur I would need? My head is a resin base with a balaclava. The head is going to be all one color (toffee), except for the ears and cheek fluffs. I am also going to make arms sleeves (also toffee). And I want to make feet paws, which would be all black. Any idea how many yards of toffee I will need, and how many yards of black? The only other black on the parts I’m making would be the interior of the ears.


Fursuit Maker(?)
If you know what you're doing (meaning if you know that no fur will go to waste/no mistakes) then you could get one yard of each! If you're not comfortable with cutting it close, 2 yards of the toffee and one yard of black will be more than enough. ^^ Happy making!


NOT a Chupacabra!
Honestly, if you think "X yards is enough" always go a couple yards more to be safe. If anything, you have extra fur to use for other projects...