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How much has your sona's story/role in your life changed?


Blue Frog | Avatar by Lenago
When I created my blue poison frog character back in 2018, I'd imagine some powers, a parallel world and a little backstory that I could possibly use for RPs. It made sense for me to connect his personality to mine, and at the same time, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of fantasy.

I feel like my mind has changed a lot, though. The parallel world, the backstory and some of those powers - most specifically the one that allowed for Guifrog to draw noisy patterns in the air through his mucus, as he was essentially a musical character - don't bear the same relevance to me as it would before, and I'm content with having my sona be essentially an anthro representation of myself, so I've revamped his concept to better reflect that. (Which, by the way, feels somehow liberating!)

How do you feel about your sona(s) and what do you think has changed about them since they first came to life?


Eternally Confused Feline
The earliest version of her started out as a side character in Elder Scrolls online. I didn't use her much, it was mostly just to explore the Aldmeri Dominion map before it was opened up to all factions in an update.

I didn't really flesh out her backstory and all that but I kinda had her down as the small, deceptively dangerous type. I was also only just discovering the fandom at the time, partially through looking for fanart that resembled my main Argonian character and his skyrim counterpart.

When I got Skyrim on the switch (already had it on pc, my dad found out and thought it looked cool so he got me it and a switch for Christmas 2017), I made a new Khajiit character with a completely different design, but I kept the name, Ri'jira, and a few character traits. I ended up RPing her as a kleptomaniac with alcohol issues

Around late 2019 I built my first pc and had my first experiences with heavily modded skyrim and tried to carry over my switch character, but I ended up making a bunch of changes to get the design to fit better with the more lion-esque head model I had modded in, and to make use of body paint mods.

Around summer 2020 I was starting to engage with the community wayyy more on reddit through /r/furry_irl and I ended up practising art until I had a semi-coherent full body piece, which I mostly drew over a couple screenshots to create, in order to get the proportions right. The head sculpt was mostly original though, as I wanted her to be a Eurasian Lynx, my favourite animal, and one I'd been compared to by my parents (Stepmum compared me to the cat, dad compared the cat to Lynxes at the local zoo because he was thicc). I redid it a couple days later in a more clear art style that didn't rely on the blurr tool to get past doing shading

I made a couple extra changes as I did more art in order to make her features stand out more. I also ended up changing her character drastically to just be me except female, a lynx, and with better work ethics. Like a kinda "mum friend" archetype, who drinks nothing but coffee and loves hugs - this was mostly because I couldn't relate to my original idea.

I think the gender swap kinda came from coping with mild dysphoria. I feel settled as a guy now but she's decidedly female. I still mostly play as female characters in games that give me the option.

My original idea has been revisited lately. I'm using it, and the original design from ESO for my second design, a Melanistic Oncilla



Slippery When Wet
Maelstrom started as a roleplay character in Second Life, in a world inhabited by both humans and a variety of anthro and fantasy races. The more I played, the more detailed I made her backstory. She went from a seemingly ordinary brown wolf, to her true self, an Akhlut (orca/wolf).

In many ways I think RPing as her in that fantasy world has paralleled things in my own life, and how I deal with them.

Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
My very first few characters for roleplays were dragons. My first SERIOUS roleplay characters were actually a rat and a gator (both of which I still bring out on occasion).

Firuthi, my dominant 'sona, evolved from neither of these scenarios. In fact, I pretty much owe Firuthi's entire existence as well as my nickname of "Frosty" to a holiday joke. Back when I used to speedrun, I actually associated myself more with tigers - and tiger sharks as well. One holiday season I just changed my name on that forum to a parody of Frosty the Snowman... and the name stuck as my prominent thing pretty much everywhere I went on the Internet.

Eventually, I found that I might want to take myself more seriously... and come to find out, there's like 10+ parodies of "Frosty the Dragon" out there. However, my name of "Frosty" was still too ingrained. So I kind of went with something that SOUNDED like "Frosty The Dragon" while still actually being different. Hence, Firuthi Dragovic.

He's actually taken on much, MUCH more of my own attributes ever since becoming a proper character. He's partly what I wish I could have been (hence why he does more complex computer work), but with a lot of what I know of myself now that I might not have learned if I went down that other path.

Any other 'sona or OC I have (with two exceptions, one coming from an old fanfic I tried to write that never got anywhere and one from a character I used when showing off a PC RPG to some people) has come from a character I've played in other roleplays that has turned out phenomenally well.

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
I've had my fursona since 2008, and started drawing him around that time too. Almost nothing has changed with his appearance, but his story changed. . .in that he properly got one. He started out as a character that I made for a Krypto the Superdog fanfiction (which is now completely lost, thank goodness), but I didn't properly adopt him as my fursona until 2015-ish, because that was right about the time I found the furry community. So in a weird way, I had a fursona and was kind of a furry, but for several years, I had no idea what I was. XD

Actually, I should probably take a few steps back to just before I created "Matt the Terrier". Originally I was going to be a turquoise and light brown Chihuahua, or in otherwords, a recolor of Mammoth Mutt from Krypto the Superdog. I sort of came up with a preliminary version of Matt the Terrier, but then I tried being a cat for a little while before I came back around and settled on being a Terrier. And after seeing what else is out there in the furry community, I think I made a good choice. A Terrier is a rare, unique fursona species I've noticed, and I love being unique. I've had my fursona for so long that I can't disassociate myself from him. He looks good, he basically is my idealized version of me, and even the name "Matt the Terrier" just rolls of the tongue so nicely. There really is nothing else I could be!


profound asshole
he's been reduced to a character i only use for venting, and even then i don't really feel connected to him anymore.

Deleted member 111470

Rimna's changed quite a lot. He was a typical edgy character - the "silent but strong" kind of bullshit. I've given him more depth, more flaws, different strengths - I've tried to make him more realistic.

But then, my diet has changed to be closer to what his would be - I can't imagine spending more than a few days without eating fruit, whereas I wouldn't eat any for months and months. My preference for alcohol matches his now - I prefer rum and wine over whiskey and beer. If I can only adapt the same work-out and self-care habits he has <_<

I guess it's a balance of power - I influence him just as much as he influences me, as time goes on.