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How much is my art worth right now?


I don't want to charge too high but I don't want to undersell myself either getting some fun YCH's ready for Valentine's day (hopefully I can get some takers <3)
I just got this one finished may or may not be putting her up for adoption... wink* wink*
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Depressed. Going back into lurk mode.
I wish I could help but I will admit I suck at art pricing because there are too many factors. If someone can tape a banana to a wall, call it art and charge hundreds of thousands for it, then clearly I don't anything about pricing art.

How long did it take you to make? If you had to translate it into work hours, how long?


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Charge $15 an hour. For a 15 hour piece I'd go $200-$225. Your skills are worth at least that if not more. The lowest I would go for a 15 hour piece is $150.