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How often do you change your avi?


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Well, seeing as I only have one portrait of my character so far it remains the same. I got another 2 comms I am waiting on but it will probably remain this current icon for a while
Forum ones I tend to keep for a few months here and there, sometimes a longer spurt of half a year. On platforms like Discord however it can change with an interval of a few weeks, but I very often rotate back to old ones as well as there's a few ones I do enjoy.


Depends. Lately I change quite often because I've been spoiling myself with art lately, so I've had many options for great new pieces to show off that also make good avatars (not every piece does and not every piece I like better than the last to make a switch). That gravy train has to stop now, so this avi will probably not change for a long time.


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I changed it once, to add the hat.

The hat stays on during hand holding.

Yep, you two know what's up!

I also tend to keep mine the same, across platforms. If I start any kind of furry business, selling Simo soaps, plushies, masks and such, I'll probably use the same avi/logo as well.


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I change it to my favorite art at the time, which can be once to twice a month I think. Maybe longer I dunno.


I change it whenever I make a new art piece that becomes my favorite, but it's always of my main girl, Zoey. I think I'll have this one for a while.


On other platforms? Used to be often... I still change it often on Discord but Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter have all been the same for a while -- I found stuff that works for me on those platforms, I guess.

On other sites, like forums (including this one) I select from my folder of avatars and probably change it often until I find one that feels right for the context. In this case, I think the only thing that's really right for the context is art of my sona, which I'm waiting on... so I'll change it then.


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I've had this icon since joining. It was created with this forum in mind, so I don't think I'll replace it.

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I used to change mine almost like underwear, but now I LOVE my current icon