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How often do you dream?


Lord of Potatoes
I dream everyday and can control them since I was about 2 years old. I'll dream for about 1-2 hours purposefully. The only time I can't control my dreams is after I fully let myself go to sleep and nightmares. Though I kind of assume that I have a sleepwalking problem because be able to do this sort of thing with my dreams. I've woken up while I was sleepwalking once and my body kept sleepwalking for several minutes to smash a window. It's the creepiest feeling to have your body move on its own while you are restrained to just seeing it.

Blue Fire

So the title says all: how often do you dream?

For me, I havent had a dream since November but that was when I had gotten a travel shot, the dream was more sleep paralysis though. But before that the last dream I had was before I got a concussion which was last August.
I have the wierdest dreams almost every night. Sometimes I have a dream one night and it continues the next night.


resident Lab Wolf
It is hard to say, they come quite irregular. I would say I dream all the time, but I remember some far more easily than others. The most memorable are often the really weird, dodgy dreams that leave me scratching my own head.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Every-night/anytime I sleep, and quite vividly. Sometimes, I keep a dream journal, and I have also talked about various dreams a good deal in Therapy, especially when I saw one with a Jungian background. It's curious, all of the elements of the self, mixed up in them, hopes, fears, regrets...and I rather enjoy them; sometimes, I like to sleep too much, as I tend to enjoy them more than movies, by and large.


Every night, though I can have some of the weirdest dreams at times. Usually I don't remember them past the next day though.


space cadet
I remember my dreams at least 4 or 5 times a week and can recall dreams I've had from years ago. Mine play out in third person like movies which I found out isn't always normal. A lot of people dream in first person but if you tend to watch a lot of media you're prone to dream in third person. I have had some dreams that are so vivid and crazy. I could probably write some weird books if I was any good at writing. lol

Deleted member 82554

Had a dream for the first time in ages last night, a rather depressing one at that... I wonder if this thread is responsible for that.

Deleted member 111470

I'd say almost daily. Sometimes the dreams are so realistic, I feel waking up completely exhausted.


In love with cheese
I dream all the time. Even with my eyes open at daytime. I'm a serial dreamer (lol)
Like, i'd zone out and start dreaming bc of a thing that i saw or heard that triggered it or some shit and ye
It's my little happy place <3

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
I'm one of those vivid dreamers... still remember dreams from decades ago.