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How old do you look?



I'm 18 but people say I look older. I have a bit of a stache, goatee and... Eye bags. Yeah they make me look like shit, not just older. Even if they're not aesthetically pleasing I still feature them on my persona though
I think I also sound older due to my perfect pronounce of my native language. Usually the others use dialectal slangs and whatnot while my talk, instead, is devoid of them. I like to think it makes me sound more professional. Plus I got a deep voice, they say


I'm 22, but I've been mistaken for 17-20, which is fine by me. Then again, my whole family is that way. Mom is 42 and looks 22, and her mom is 72 and looks like she's in her late 50s. Good genes here! :D
I don't see a huge difference among the age groups of teenagers and young adults. Some high schoolers look like college kids, and some college kids look like high schoolers. People in this thread who are saying they are 17 but look 16... what the hell does 1 year difference make? Unless a lot of shit happens to you or you decide to drastically change your looks during that 1 year.

Im 1 week shy of 22, and a number of factors make me appear several years younger. I'm quite short, for one, and my hair is short and I have a bad complexion. Aside from that, I have a naturally youthful face. It will likely be a blessing when I'm older, and as long as I'm able to produce my ID I can do adult stuff if I want so I can't really complain. :p


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Look early 20's but actually 27. Unfortunately I sound like I'm 12 on any phone or video game chat.....

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I'm 27, but most people think I just entered college. Even so, the liquor stores don't card me that often despite being required by law.

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Too old.

Okay, not really - I am 37 but am frequently told I look much younger. Up until a few years ago I was still getting carded.

Maybe it's 'cause I don't have kids, so I don't walk around looking like I'm worn down and half pissed off all the time.

Maturity level. . .that's a whole other thing. . .


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This is a strange one as when I was 15 I was once mistaken for early 20s. Now that I'm almost 24 people say I can pull off 19. I was also told that I may look 19 I have the mind of someone far older than my biological age; somewhere in the 40s.


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I think I blend in pretty well with most of my classmates from college despite being 25.


Look: mid 20s
Age: late 30s

I'd say I look my age, but looking young runs in the family. Coworkers and random acquaintances seem genuinely surprised to learn I'm this old. What's weird is that I felt older than my age while growing up. Nowadays, the opposite is true.

That being said, I often have a hard time guessing how old someone is. Especially if they're over 23 and under 45, give or take a few years. For instance, few month's ago I was at the wife of a friend's 30th birthday party and met someone who reminded me of a younger Lady Gaga... like before becoming famous. Turns out she's my age. Even I didn't see that coming, but it just goes to show how hard it can be to tell.
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I'm pretty short and skinny and people tell me I've got a young face.

I don't like it at all, I have to take I.Ds everywhere. I've even been stopped on the road once because they thought I was a teen driving illegaly.

I'm 19 atm. I see some 15 year olds who look way older than me. It really blows >:[
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I'm almost 21. Clean-shaven I look about 17-18. With my beard I apparently pass for 21-26 depending on my outfit and the company I'm with? The other day, a Wendy's worker asked if it was my cute little girl walking around. o_O


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It fluctuates, but usually people mistake me for a senior in high school or a junior in college.


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I'm 18 but people say I look older. I have a bit of a stache, goatee and... Eye bags. Yeah they make me look like shit, not just older. E

Does that mean that older people look like shit just because they're older(thus have some other problems and stuff)?


I look...older. Like, two years. I have 17 and I look like, almost 20(>almost<).


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I will be 24 in 3 days. With a beard, I look roughly my age - maybe a few years older. When I shave, I could probably pass for around 20.


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Im 20. I look like I could still be freshman in high school.

I once got told I look 12.

It's always been that way, in 8th grade everyone was shocked. Same in 9th grae and 12th grade. I never looked my age.

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Last November at a metal show, the door guy stamped me as over 21. My dad caught it, saying he didn't know I looked that old.
Picture from that show (you know which one I am, the older guys are the band Wretch)
Fun fact: That was a show my dad took me to for my 17th birthday. Wretch let me come onto stage at the end of their act. The touring bands at the show were Night Demon and Raven. Maybe I am getting off topic here.