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How old do you look?

Butters Shikkon

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I've been told I look 24-25. .-.


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Kit's is harder from the distance and all...I'd say um...late twentied or early 30's.

Monochromatic dragon could pass for high school but early 20's looks righ


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Well I'm really twenty four, but today I went to go check out a new eye doctor and the receptionist thought I was in my early teens. I took it as a compliment. I'm going to age well.


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I look old enough to be suspicious at the mall if Im not with my daughter or wife. And it doesnt help matters when Im crouching behind garbage cans peering out.


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I'm still 17, and have been told that I look older than that.
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Well...you tried
I'm 21 but people always seem to think i'm in my mid to late 20s, a friend of a friend actually thought i was 30 when i first met him.

I'm going to put it down to my beard and dour, joyless demeanour irl.

Also when i was about 8-9 a waiter at an indian restaurant actually thought i was an adult dwarf for some reason. o_O

Esper Husky

I am 28, turning 29 later this year, but usually get told that I look almost a decade younger -- whether I shave or not.

Funny story, though: when I was 17 and in a band, someone saw our photos and commented aloud "I didn't know your frontman (me) was 40!"

And since everyone else is saying it... I physically feel like I'm getting to be twice my age, and mentally feel like I'm stuck at half my age...


Like a teenager, unfortunately.


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I'm 20 and I get mistaken for anywhere from 13-16

My mom on the other hand gets mistaken for being in her 20's and people tend to think we're siblings..
she's in her 40's :////


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It's funny, my dad took me to a metal show back in November for my 17th birthday, and the door guy stamped me as over 21. I didn't know I looked that old. Here is a picture of me with Wretch at that show. I'm the one with the Volbeat shirt and the hoodie.


Why worry
I have a huge problem with this... Most the time I'm mistaken for my dads brother, the youngest I've been called is 24 the oldest I've been called is mid-thirties. Mentally I feel like I'm 50 so I can see where they're coming from, but I'm 19 it's a pain in the ass whenever I talk to girls my age they think I'm some damn midlife-crisis guy it's rediculous, the last one I was talking to asked my age. So I told her and she goes "oh I thought you were 29".....ugh I used to think it was cool being mature now I think it's kindof a pain

i guess I look a little bit older than I am,but it's how I act that makes me seem older.
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