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How old do you look?



How people see me: 15 -16

How I see me (Also my actual age): 14

I feel: 5

The way I feel people see me: 20+


A lot of people will ask me "What school do you go to?"
I tell them the name of my college and they're like "Oh you're out of high school?"

Most people will guess my age around 18 when actually I'm 22 =P
I guess this will be a good trait to have when I'm older!

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Look: usual answer 16

I could look a little younger if I'm wearing glasses or shaved my mustache peach fuzz


Clean shaven and fresh haircut, I can pass for a 30-something.

Salt and pepper "Don Jonson" scruff (if you get the reference, you know how old I am) I can pass for a 40-something.....not bad considering I'm almost 50.


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I already responded but

Told once: 12!
Perceived age probably: 14-16
Real age: 21

I've always been rather youthful. It's very strange being told that so frequently. Can't complain though...I dont hate it, it's just rather odd and makes for a good laugh at times.


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So, I'm 17.
I get people saying I look younger than I am, and people saying I look older. I've got no clue anymore.
First time I posted on the mugshot thread, I was asked if I was 12. Now I get handed complimentary brandy after eating in the local Indian restaurant. Yet people ask me if I'm in the school year below the one I'm in.

Let's just say I probably look about 17 maybe, but being tiny doesn't help my cause. xD


I'm 20! :O

I'm however large with a big bust, I dress rather old-fashioned/matronly, so I get served at bars a lot. I'm gonna guess 25?


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I am 22.

I look about 25 to 30.

And now, nobody knows.


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When I was 18, someone told me I looked like I was in my mid 20s.

Not sure how to feel about that.

But then again I had been buying booze at 14/15 without getting carded so I guess that was a plus.


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Before I cut my hair I never got carded. People said I looked almost 30. Now I look 17 according to the guy at the store.


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People used to guess higher when I spoke (I go out of my way to be intelligent and articulate) rather than just going by looks. Unfortunately there is something close to painful when people don't take you seriously because they think you are 17 or 18 when you are in fact 36.

We got so much shit trying to move sometime back because the realtors kept thinking I was barely of age AND stupid enough to think I could get out of the lease by pretending to be underage. I have a lot of trouble with vets because they don't actually listen (we barely found, now on our fourth, one who actually hears me out instead of dismissing me) because I don't look old enough to know jack shit or something. I had to stop wearing my favorite t-shirts (avengers, xenomorph anatomy, etc) because I get treated like a teen even if I wear makeup.

I have even tried dressing up and everything, makeup, etc. Nada. It's really getting old. I hope that the last 40-50lbs I have to lose for my health will make me look closer to my age. I wouldn't care if I looked 20 or something just not "not old enough for anything".


I'm 23, but everyone at my work says I look like a teenager. Which is weird because people thought I looked like a MOM when I actually was a teen.

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I'm 23, but everyone at my work says I look like a teenager. Which is weird because people thought I looked like a MOM when I actually was a teen.

I kid you not there are some people I have seen that appear to be aging backwards..........somehow


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I have no idea how old I look, but I do know it's under 21. I still get ID'd when I buy booze or go to a bar.

I'm 30, I shouldn't be getting ID'd anymore unless it's store policy.