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How old were you when you became a Furry?


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But I do feel like I've always enjoyed anthropomorphism. Just took me a while to realize what my friend was talking about when he described "furry".

Kit the fox

I am a proud therian! (And a furry) :3
Truly a way with words, this one.
If I even do not know it,
I may even be a furry poet,
I'd like to thank you for you reply,
It kinda makes me not want to die,
Because I know,
Whether how long it takes,
I know my family's taste,
I just hope the won't dislike me,
Just because I am a furry,
But rest assured its hard to write in rhymes,
So I may not do it all the time,
But whether or not you are able,
I suggest you write a fable,


I think I made my first sona around age.... 9? She was a black and yellow tuxedo cat ahaha
I was obsessed with Warriors at the time, and found Warrior cat animators on YouTube and... it basically evolved from there n__n