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How old were you when you became a Furry?


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16, but that long predates the Internet so I knew I was different but I didn't know what a furry was, that I was one or that there were other furries until I was 31.


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Started browsing in 2000-2001, at age 15-16. Upon discovering the 'snake peril' Yahoo group I wanted to find similar stuff and there was VCL and Lava Dome Five.
Lurked / didn't do too much until 2008, where I discovered FA - browsed some on a lurker account, two years later I started thinking about creating characters and well here we are now, 33 years old with a cast of characters and admirer of art.


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30 when I made a sona.
But I've always been interested in the art and characters.


I was 20.

Hello. c: I started being into it when I was around 14? It was a slow transition from drawing only ferals to drawing furries and later on humanoids. And later-on I became a furry.
I'm not really open about it, mostly describing myself as a kemonomimi fashion enthusiast. But my boyfriend is very supportive, he's not a furry himself but considers it cute.
Also, does anyone relate to this: I only like wearing ears, paws and a tail, I wouldn't want a fursuit. (But I love people in fursuits, specially for hugs!)


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I can't remember the earliest age I started taking interest in these things, but I finally admitted to myself that I was a furry about 15. It took me a bit longer though to join the community and make my fursona.


I've been into it since my mid teens. I've spent a few years on FA and deviantart browsing but never got involved with the community. I used to draw a bit but have'nt for a few years and only recently at 33 decided to give drawing another go and get more serious with it. So, i decided to finally pop in and be social.

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15, ive kinda been in the fandom for only 2 weeks X3


I didn't assign the label "furry" to myself until just recently (I'm 26), but looking back I think it goes further back to a point where I had no idea what a furry even was. I wanna say I was likely beginning to develop to be one about age 12-13. That's when I started to get into drawing dragons (I was never very artistic, still aren't) and reeeeeally started to get into animal crossing. That game I think is what started me off towards furrydom, how could it not with all those cute af anthro animal characters x3?


I made a fursona when I was 19 for "character building reasons", then finally admitted it was for furry reasons a few weeks to a month ago. Currently 21.
19! So, not that long ago at all!

The community just never interested me when I was a bit younger, in part because of the drama/controversy/hatred, and also because I’m a scalie and never got the exposure to scalie art. I thought you had to be furry to be a furry!


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Jan 6, 2019

Nah I consider myself currently fur-curious (or fin-curious)


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I was 17 when I made a fursona, but I was interested in the community when I was 16. I'm just about 19 now (give it another 11 days).


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good question , im not completly certain but i started loving and caring about them around 12 but i only got really into around 15? or 16~ around there haha


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22 but I never considered myself completely a furry lol


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I would say around 14 years old is when I became a furry, mostly due to my love for wolves.


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I was basically a furry my entire life, but I didn't really know about the fandom much until around 2015? And that was because my brother started joking that I was a furry because of how I was obsessed with drawing anthro animals and stuff. So after that I looked into it more. However, for the next few years I was pretty off and on about it for a while.
The reason I say I was basically a furry my entire life is because like, the first thing I ever started drawing was animals when I was about two I think. Plus, the first character I ever made was an anthro dog (based on a stuffed animal of mine) that I got when I was around 3 or 4. Since then I made a lot of stories about my stuffed animals which I had made into characters, and they were all anthros, so . . . yeah.