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How old were you when you became a Furry?


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Ahh I was 19 tho If you count denial maybe I was 16? But I didn’t really like anthros much..?


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I think I was something like 15 16, I knew generally what it was when I was 13 due to a humaniamals documentary on animal planet but didn't really get into it until around 15 16

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Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
I gained interest around the age of 13. I loved the art and the fursuits. I started designing a wolf fursona, however I got made fun of online and buried it for years.

I was low key/denial furry until I hit 22.


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What I consider my first "Furry" experience was when I was 21. I didn't find out about the Fandom until many years later.


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You’re one of the OG furs aren’t you?
OG? I'm guessing you mean older generation. Well, since I was born in 1955, I would say so. My first relization that I was "different" was at a Gen Con convention about 1975 or 76.


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I found out what they were when I was 12 or so because of fursuiters, but didn't really consider myself one until I was 17. (Probably for the better.)


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9th birthday, mom sits me down, reveals a cookie cake. I eat some cake when she pulls a small square present out. I open it to reveal Spyro year of the dragon. I play it for a couple days (could only play for a couple hours cuz of school.) I get so far into the game to see Bianca in all her glory. (Bianca is the rabbit lady) I was smitten by her and that's what started my furriness


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I was... 16? I think? idk was in 2011 if I remember correctly and I was first introduced to the fandom while on a virtual chat called imvu
My first furry crushes were Cleo from Heathcliff, Miss Kitty Mouse in Great Mouse Detective (saw this 3 times in theaters in St Louis when it first came out), Maid Marian, M'ress from Star Trek TAS, Cheetara/Pumarya and more.

Then i heard of the fandom at 14 back in 96 as i read furry comics and all and became a furry fan.


I was interested in furry art when I was young and became official member at age 24.


I'm still on the fence about whether to call myself a furry, but I've always liked these characters. It wasn't until I discovered the fandom at 24 or 25 that I went down this rabbit hole.